Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Wearing: BCBG blazer, Anna Sui for Target dress, Payless oxfords, H&M tights, Zara bag, Betsey Johnson earings.

Friday night, we went out for dinner at Chambar for Lucy's good-bye party. She has decided to move back to Taiwan for good. In case you are wondering Lucy is the girl in the middle while Jess is on her other side. The girls both wore fabulous skirts; Lucy's is from Club Monaco while Jess's is from H&M. It's funny how they both look so summery in bare legs and short sleeves while I'm going full-on fall. I'm cold what can I say... I also could not wait to wear the green tights.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall is finally here

Wearing: Tracy Feith dress, vintage vest, Zara cardigan, Hue tights, Payless oxfords

I think finally the summer heat wave is done and fall has arrived. Usually I hate this season because I always associated with the beginning of school and a colder, moody weather. But I must admit this is the first year that I welcome fall with open arms.I love summer but I think it's hard to come up with great outfits when the weather is extremely hot outside. I won't be too happy once it's freezing out there either. Basically I hate extremes.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lace my way

Wearing: Vintage menswear shirt, skirt from Japan, H&M tights, Federica Balducci heels, vintage bag and The Honey Room sunglasses courtesy of Fashion in my Eyes.

Inspired by Lily Zemuner, the Queen of Tights, I finally bought patterned and coloured tights in every colour. I'm gonna try to incorporate non-black tights as much as I can this season. Unfortunately it's a bit hard for me since my legs aren't too long or too skinny. This will definitely be a challenge.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ahoy Sailor!

Wearing vintage dress and Aldo shoes

I found this dress in my mom's "youth" closet. When I mean youth I mean in her closet at her parent's house that still holds items she used to wear before she had me(the oldest of 3 siblings). I feel that the dress is too matronly on its own . I think it majorly needs some current accessories or something to bring it up to modern times. Maybe some alterations? What do u guys think? Any suggestions? I have no idea with this one.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yours truly is getting old

Ok finally here are my b-day outfit pics.
I didn't take too many full-shots so u will have to do with these two. I basically wore a vintage crinoline and a 70's vintage sequined top. I must tell you that this was one of the most uncomfortable b-day outfits I have worn in my short life. The weather that night was extremely hot and the crinoline had way too many layers. As well the top was made out of a sweatshirt fabric which kept me sweating all night long. Also I was planning on wearing the top tucked in but some friends convinced me not to. I'm still unsure if that was a good idea or not.
Anyways a group of 12-14 of us went to dinner at Lux and then we continued with an after party at my place with champagne and cake.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anna Sui

Hi guys!

I know I promised pics of my b-day outfit but I just came back from the States with my bags filled with treasures from the Anna Sui line for Target. In my opinion this was the best designer collaboration Target has had. The clothes truly had details that were more spectacular and this one seemed to stay true to the designer's aesthetic. It was also one of the priciest Target collaboration with dresses ranging between $50-$80. But oh so worth it. If u haven't seen the collection I highly recommend you go check it out.

Anyways here are some of the pieces I got:

P.S. Thank you all for the wonderful b-day wishes. They mean a lot to me to know that I have such wonderful followers as I grow old.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 100th and 23rd

Wearing: Vintage coat and shoes, AE shorts, MCqueen for Target tee,the honey room sunglasses courtesy of Fashion in my Eyes.

Sorry for the delay with a new post... I have been busy preparing for my b-day.Yes my darlings today I become one year older. Next post u will have details of the outfit I wore...not appropriate for the hot September weather we have been experiencing in Vancouver.

This also marks my 100th post. Actually my 100th should have been a couple of posts ago but a few of them from the month of January got deleted by mistake awhile ago so this is my official 100th post.

This is the last post from Romania... this coat belonged to my grandmother. I did not take it with me as it was too heavy and I don't wear fur. I just thought it would be fun to take a pic with it. The shoes are also hers... too big for me as it is apparent from the picture.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I couldn't resist

Wearing: Vintage Vest and Old Navy Maxi dress

While i was away in the countryside I could not resist not taking some pictures on top of a large pile of hay. This type background is extremely common in the Romanian countryside and I thought it was the perfect backdrop to my maxi dress I was wearing that day.

By some miracle 2 minutes before I left to get my pics taken, I saw on the bed this old folk vest that used to belong to my great grandmother as I was told. I loved the embroidery pattern and the colour combo on it. I did not bring it with me as it was made out of a super itchy material, it was not lined and most importantly it was extremely badly stained in some areas. I was told by my aunt that she tried several times to clean it and restore the vest but without any success. It's such a pity because it is such a wonderful piece. I would have loved to have something in my closet that belonged to my great grandmother since I never had the chance to meet her.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The last few days

Hello Darlings..
I'm back in Vancouver... getting used to the time difference once again. My trip in Romania was amazing. I had so much fun and I met the most wonderful Romanian bloggers...I spent so much time with Nookie from Fashion in my Eyes and Alice from Dulapul Bunicii that I feel they are both one of my closest friends... I know we will always keep in touch and remain friends forever. On our last meeting I also had the pleasure of meeting Monica from The Styletrip , a wonderful girl with an amazing sense of style... we were all wowing over her DIY pink jeans( you can see them in the pics). I'm thinking of making a pair as well though I don't know how great they will look on me but her look was definitely inspiring. We went to Festival 39 in the Old Bucharest a place that tries to keep that old world charm... we had the Festival Frappe which was way too sweet... I had to order a sparkling water to go with it otherwise I don't think I would have been able to drink it. Monica and Alice left quickly so me and Nookie went to Unirii Shopping Centre for some window shopping.

I'm wearing: F21 tee, Zara Jeans and Bag, Gap Sandals,Aldo Necklace and Alice in Vintageland Headband (a lovely gift from Alice herself)

Nookie's outfit ( everybody was watching us while we were taking pics)

The girls made my trip one of the most memorable I had in Romania. I will miss them so much and I can not wait for the next time I'm in Romania to hang out with them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old Bucharest

My darlings I'm back in Bucharest and I'm so busy... so many people to see so many things to do ... I feel like i need a personal assistant to keep track of the last few days I'm here.
Yesterday Nookie from Fashion in my Eyes and I walked around the old part of Bucharest where the architecture is beautiful. Most of Bucharest consists of communist style neighborhoods but the old Bucharest has that old world charm that I love.

I'm wearing: Joe Fresh top, H&M skirt, Expression Sandals, vintage bag that i found in my gramma's closet over the weekend trip

We started on Victory Avenue and stopped at a couple of boutiques including Raionul4 and Raionul 6 which left a lot of disappointment. Raionul 4 had a couple of great things like Dries Van Noten pieces, but Raionul 6 had the weakest merchandise inventory I have ever seen. I have no idea how in this economy such a store still exists. We did not take any pics of the stores as their designs were not in any way spectacular.

Next we stopped for lunch at Cafe Bistro Vilacrosse at the Kings Valley... an alley with lots of little restaurants... then we continued in around the Lipscani area which is truly known as the old town. Nookie bought a couple of retro postcards at a stand there.

King's Valley

Nookie texting over lunch


beautiful bicycles to drool over

Overall I had an amazing day... Nookie is the best company ever... she is such a funny girl.