Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lace Body Suit

Wearing: H&M puff sleeve blazer, tights, sunglasses, Aldo shoes and gloves, vintage skirt, vintage lace body suit, vintage cameo brooch

My weekend outfit!!!!!!!!
I found this lace body suit in my mom's closet from when she was younger. I love it! Except it doesn't fit me too well in the boob area. It seems I'm a lot smaller than she was in that area!
The skirt is my most treasured vintage possession. I got it at a vintage market in NYC 5 years ago. Payed a hefty price for it but it is in excellent condition. Cant believe that I actually considered for a moment not to get it. It would have been my biggest fashion mistake!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing new to say

Wearing: H&M puff sleeve blazer, vintage Grecian tunic,Aldo OTK boots, UO necklace,the Honey Room sunglasses.

The title says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Furry leopards

Wearing: F21 leopard coat, Bedo shorts, H&M tights, Disney Couture Tinkerbell necklace, Honey Room sunglasses, unknown flat OTK boots that I got in California, Devi Kroell bag

I went vintage shopping again today on South Main. Stopped and got some pho soup at the same place... I always crave pho soup when I'm in that area. I was able to finaly get a Victorian blouse. I have been looking for one for so long. This one is missing a couple of buttons. So I stopped by Dressew on my way home and got some new ones. Except I was in a pissy mood all night long and couldnt sew a button to save my life. Can u believe I went to fashion school? sometimes I am amazed by that statement too.

On a brighter note I'm very happy to announce that in 3 weeks I will be leaving for another two week vacation to Romania. I'm very excited to see Alice from Dulapul Bunicii and Nookie from Fashion in my Eyes once again. There is also in the plans for me to meet a new blogger, Medina.
Actually if any of you Romanian fashion bloggers want to meet with me while I'm there feel free to email me and let me know. I would love to meet new people.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Masquerade Madness

It's such a pain to take pictures inside the house, due to the cold weather and the rain. Here is the result of my latest attempt:

Wearing:H&M blazer and tee, vintage crinoline and lace slip, Balenciaga Fall 09 shoes,unknown belt.

I finally get to show you my amazing new Balenciaga's. Have I told you how much I love the heel? I feel like these shoes are a piece of art... worthy to be hung in a museum.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swish and Move

Wearing: Zara dress, H&M puff sleeve blazer, Aldo OTK boots, Honey room sunglasses

These pics were taken right before I left for my weekend trip. I was in a really good mood so I kept dancing and swishing around in my layered dress which made the ruffles show really well in the photos.

I'm back from Seattle and I must say this trip was very successful in terms of scoring treasures. I was able to score Balenciaga shoes from the Fall 09 collection at 60% off at Barney's. They are a navy suede blue pump close to the middle version in the picture. I loved this collection. The heel on these shoes is genius.And they are so comfortable I am amazed. I will have to show you in the next post how amazing these shoes are... cause they really are!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Style Idol : the young DVF

Talk about aging gracefully!!!!!!
I have always been obsessed with the looks of the young Diane Von Furstenberg. Not necessarily the way she dressed but I think she was extremely beautiful in a very powerful sort of way. Tough but seductive at the same time. Like a Bond girl. I think she would have made an amazing 60's/70's Bond Girl.

I'm leaving for Seattle early tomorow morning. Be back Monday night.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bows, Leopards & Lace

Wearing: Rodarte for Target leopard lace dress, F21 tights, The Honey Room sunglasses, vintage bag, Kate Preston bondage booties.

My Rodarte dress... more comforatble than I remembered... I think I'm starting to like it more. Lately I like to wear my hair up. Its getting longer and it annoys me a lot. Plus it allows the clothes to be the focal point.

Oh! and if you are wondering why I wear my sunglasses so much it's because I'm too lazy too do my eye make which is the longest part of my makeup routine. So I just skip the whole thing and just wear lipstick and sunglasses.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going Coastal

Wearing: vintage top from F as in Frank, elephant necklace from Le Chateau, Arden B shorts, F21 tights, Kate Preston bondage booties, F 21 leopard coat, The Honey Room sunglasses

This is a slight variation of an outfit I wore Friday night for dinner at Coast on Alberni with a group of friends. The outfit is almost the same, except I wore black opaques with knee high boots as it was raining like crazy!
The top is one of my vintage finds from F as in Frank from earlier last week. I liked this top a lot when I got it but after I wore it this weekend I think its one of my favorite pieces now. It totally reminds me of the tan jersey draped dress that I got from Corina Vladescu. It's like she saw this top and was somehow inspired by it to create it in a new modern piece. I should definitely do a post on her. She's the most talented young Romanian designer with the biggest amount of potential to make it really big on the international scene.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

South Main Shopping

Today I spent the day on South Main. My bf works in the area so I went for some Pho soup for lunch with him then I continued on by myself and did a little vintage shopping at one of my favorite stores, F is for Frank. If your have not checked this store yet and you live in the Vancouver area, then it's a must. They select their merchandise quite well and the prices are a lot cheaper than the ones at True Value Vintage . Plus its a lot more airy so its easier to spot your gems.

Wearing: BB Dakota coat, Tracy Feith dress, Payless boots, H&M leggings, Vintage beret and bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prada Mohawk

I need these Prada Mohawk shoes.I first saw the sandal version on Jane and I thought they were pretty cute but I was not going nuts for them. But when I was in LA and I went in the Prada store on Rodeo Drive and saw the whole collection in person, I nearly died. They are the most amazing shoes ever. And you know what I hate the most about it... they were 50% off and I did not even have time to try them. I only had 20 minutes on Rodeo Drive and wanted to hit as many of the stores as possible. I definitely regret my decision. I wish i had just spent my whole time in Prada and maybe now I would be satisfied with my babies on my feet. I have been going crazy since then trying to get my hands on a pair. Holts is sold out of them. I have not tried Leone's yet. They are not on Net-a porter or Luisa Via Roma. I just can't seem to find them. If any of you Vancouverites know where I can get them plss let me know. OR of any of you know any website who still carry them or have any suggestions on how I could get my hands on a pair plss shoot me an email and I will forever be in debt to you.