Thursday, July 28, 2011

The end of a social summer

Wearing: Traditional Mexican Top, Skirt from Harajuku, Tokyo, Belt from Japan ( Kyoto), Aldo Accessories earrings and a lovely Alice&Sara headband c/o of Alice
 The last of my blogger meet-ups is finally here and we sure saved the best for last or at least the biggest, as it sure was with 12 of us. What actually started as a little meet-up with The Hearabouts soon turned into a blogger explosion as Laura, Ioana, Medina, Alina, Koko, Alice, Nookie, Ana and Florina joined us.  I obviosly had a blast meeting all the girls but felt guilty that due to the limited time, I could not spend enough time getting to know each one of them. This is something that will have to be resolved on my next trip as my social calendar in Romania has come to an end.  

Unfortunately due to an unexpected health emergency on my part I had to cancel my London trip for this year so I am still in Bucharest. But the doctor has ordered bed rest for the time being so for now till I get back to my usual energetic self, I am stuck inside.

the other half of Absolutely Fabulous, Alina
Laura, Sandra, Florina and Ana

with one half of The Hearabouts, Eve
Koko, Nookie, Myself and Laura

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Social Butterfly Diaries: Part II

Wearing: Corina Vladescu SS 09 dress, vintage belt, shoes and bracelet from Japan, no name bag

As said already, my social calendar while in Romania has been full with blogger meet-ups.  
Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with the lovely girls from Bucharest Style and the one half of Absolutely Fabulous or more specifically Diana.  After a short chat at Madame Pogany, I couldn't resist not purchasing some local goodies, so we headed over to, a fair featuring only Romanian designers. 
I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing girls from Rue de Trucs, who design heavenly draped dresses, one that has made its way into my closet and I'm very excited to showcase soon. 

 Rue de Trucs
 As always Alice and Nookie were by my side guiding me through every step!

Pictures courtesy of Bucharest style and Alice

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Social Butterfly Diaries: Part I

Wearing: Kimchi Blue top, vintage skirt, shoes, bag and belt from Japan
As the title suggests, cleverly thought by Alice ( she always comes with wittiest post titles and I shamelesly borrow them), I have been a social butterfly for the last week, each day meeting with a new group of Romanian bloggers. 

 For the first installment, I met Ana, Stella and Anca and obviously my posse Alice and Nookie always tag along. Being in  the company of so many stylish girls, I felt a strong surge of inspiration. Each girl had something amazing I wanted starting with  Stella and her cute dress, then Ana's amazing silver and turquoise accessories and Anca's beautiful skirt made by a Romanian designer.

 Part II of the installment coming soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Awesome Trio

Wearing:H&M dress, vintage belt, Bag, Bracelet and Shoes from Japan
 2 years ago when I started thing blog, my best friends on the blogosphere became Alice and Nookie
That summer I met them in person and since then they have transformed from virtual buddies to real buddies, the type that you are just dying to come back home and hang out with. 
Despite having already met so many other wonderful local bloggers, I will always have a special connection with these two as they were part of the original posy, the one that made me realize that the most important thing this blog can give me is friendships that will last way beyond the virtual charm of blogging. 
Our first day consisted of many laughs and story telling just as the first day we met where instantaneously I felt I could open up to them with my most ludicrous secrets! 
Being here for such a short period I will try to take advantage of any free time I have to share as many memories with them as I can!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A 6 years celebration in the heart of where it all started!

 After a long plane ride with an arrival at midnight Monday evening, I popped a sleeping pill and woke up fresh and ready to enjoy my hometown of Bucharest the next day!
Although the morning was spent visiting relatives, the late afternoon was dedicated all to oursevles in the old city which I have always loved for its old world charm. It feels completly detached from the rest of Bucharest, with wonderful restaurants and enchanting architectures.

 6 years ago, my fiance and I met during one of my summer travels right here. So we were both so happy, when our 6 year anniversary date fell exactly on our first day of the trip. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner at a Turkish restaurant in the area while sipping on a bottle of rose and reminiscing of the past 6 years: the good times and the bad. 

Wearing: Joe Fresh dress, H&M belt, no name bag, wedges from Japan, bracelet from Japan and Ray-Ban Sunglasses

To top the evening,  I ran into Ana-Maria from High Street Cardigans  which I recognized instantly, although it took me a while to get the courage to get up and say Hello!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Japan Day 16: Ghibli Museum

 If one is found in Tokyo, a trip to the Ghibli Museum is a must. The museum features the amazing anime works of the famous illustrator Hayao Miyazaki who is best known for his movie " My neighbour Totoro.". If Disneyland is where dreams come true, Ghibli makes you become lost children in a space uniquely created to make even the most mature adults find their inner child.Unfortunately no pictures allowed inside the magical museum!  Finish your visit at their cafe, where you can savour the most delicious Japanese pear ice cream! So refreshing for hot Tokyo summer days!

 For now I will have to say goodbye to my Japan posts! I still have a few days left of  Tokyo story telling yet due to the busy schedule I had on the trip, updating the blog every day was not possible.  There is also a wonderful shoot I had the pleasure of doing while in Kyoto which I have saved for you upon my return from my travels in August. Because right now I'm embarking on another plane, this time for Europe, where I will spend 10 days in my home country, then off to London I am. This time my photographer is coming along so expect a full documentary of my outfits and my days.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Japan Day 15: Akihabara

Akihabara also known as Electric City in Japan, is a major shopping area for electronics, computer goods, anime and otaku ( Otaku is what the Japanese refer to those with obsessive interests in the manga/anime culture).  And I'm not talking here a mere hobby. I'm talking living in fantasy land with blown up life size manga characters where the individual has completely withdrawn from reality.

 If you want to observe their lives even more, look no further than the Maid Cafe phenomenon, where a typical manga style maid will serve tea and desserts. Although mostly frequented by men or so I saw, 3 of the girls in our group including myself and 3 guys decided to brave the awkwardness of this experience and see it for ourselves. And so we went down an alley and up a sketchy elevator to a completely different land, where we were welcomed with a flattering " welcome home master/princess!".

No picture allowed of the girls or the interior except of the food. And so the experience began with awkward English conversations about sprinkling magic on our desserts for more deliciousness and some "twinkle- twinkle" little dance. Some men even paid an extra fee so that the maid would play a little board game with them. As strange as all of these services may seem there is absolutely no sexual tone in this experience. I guess the maid cafe has replaced in the modern subculture the role of a geisha as both are really just entertainer, entertaining the likes of men!