Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lace my way

Wearing: Vintage menswear shirt, skirt from Japan, H&M tights, Federica Balducci heels, vintage bag and The Honey Room sunglasses courtesy of Fashion in my Eyes.

Inspired by Lily Zemuner, the Queen of Tights, I finally bought patterned and coloured tights in every colour. I'm gonna try to incorporate non-black tights as much as I can this season. Unfortunately it's a bit hard for me since my legs aren't too long or too skinny. This will definitely be a challenge.


Insomnia said...

I love tights and especially lacy ones!

Anonymous said...

haha my legs arent that skinny and tall either, but you look great,

love your skirt, shoes and tights.... keep it up now i know how to wear tights. thanks.

nookie said...

hey mina:)
everybody has a little pitzy inside them,hope that doesn't sounds weird:)
I would buy the vest,the grey dress and the black one besides,also the shoes...ohh those shoes:)
Hope you'll get some pieces,"kill" those bitches:)):))
Really like your look,the tights are awesome.Aww and the butterfly sunglasses,love them.

très a la mode said...

i love your look,specially the pants,really vintage

thanks a lot for your post


Alice in vintageland said...

You look great! I love the lace tights with the short skirt and the boyfirnd shirt - amazing combination! And you should wear short skirts more often - you really look dynamite in them! Miss you - hope we get the chance to talk on mess this weekend! Kisses

Lily Zemuner said...

I'm crazy about your tights! Amazing. I'm not the queen of the tights anymore, now I have a hard competitor! hahahaha...

You look so fabulous, Mina. Love your sandals too.


diane said...

It's a bit of mix and match, but works great on you. Love the tights. xo

PUNKIE said...

ooooh this thights are amazing! and also the skirt!

Ana Carolina said...

I only can say one thing about you and your blog... PHYNA.
It's perfect I really loved this, your sandals OMG!
I need to have this blog favorited...

God Made Me fuNky said...

love the tights and the skirt looks perfect with them. great shades.

Aline Aimée said...

Mina, you are so hot!!!
Gorgeous skirt and superb tights!



kpeach said...

very fun-reminds me of Japanese girls

Fezinha said... just can't imagine how gorgeous you look in this outfit. These tights are perfect, and I'm dying to go to Europe next month just to buy different pieces.

And listen to me: your legs are short, and so are my legs. But the's perfect! Not so strong, not so thin. i would like to have thiner legs, but just like yours! Say thank to God now =)

And Lily is inspirational. She's so cute! U 2 almost make me nervous being so like a doll. I'm just so awkward...I can't be like this.

In other words: perfect. i want to scream!


ChicCult said...


So beautiful legs! ^^

Damsels said...

i love this so much .. i thoguht i had left a comment i cant believe i ddint but i saw it earlier .. love the lace tights the heel color .. this is perfect

Michael said...

lace is so on trend! love it. x


nookie said...

ohh yes:)
I got to keep the bracelet+matching earrings and a TinaR voucher:)

Niviarsiaq said...

I think you look wonderful in those tights! actually makes your legs look longer and skinnier! Can;t ewait to see how you incorporate them come winter! I should probably get some patternest tights, I only have black, white, and nude :(
looking amazin girl!

Anonymous said...

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I hope you find! I loved your blog!
Sorry for my English, I'm still learning!

paola said...

you surpise me with lovely outfits every single time i get here on your blog! kustr too beautiful

maria luiza pruna said...

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styletrip said...

u combined them perfectly, i like how u styled the denim shirt.

Mariale said...

Your look is amazing. I love it.

love said...

your so gorgeous. i'm basically obsessed with tights/leggings and i must say i've always been jealous of your cheek bones!!!


Nadir H. said...

i like the shoes