Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 9:@ Corina Vladescu

What I Wore:

F21 coat,H&M Scarf, Anna Sui for Target dress with belt, Hue tights,Urban Planet bag, Danier leather gloves, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots

Day7 : Was spent in an overpriced mall ( AFI PALACE) with cheap looking merchandise. We saw Wolfman and was extremely dissapointed; basically bad acting and no main character development.

Day 8: Went to the National Military Museum and spent the rest of the day hanging out with family.
Both days wore reruns on the same outfits I had already posted.

Day 9: Met up with Nookie and Alice once again and we headed to Corina Vladescu's showroom. Corina is seriously the most talented Romanian designer I have seen. I love every collection and I feel that I can never own enough pieces from her.

Corina's fall/winter 09 collection

Corina's amazing showroom

The Roisin dress that she custom made for me

Another piece I bought from her fall 09 collection. Look at the leather sleeve inserts!!!

With the amazing and lovely Corina.I look like a granny with my dress in comparison to Corina's hard edgy outfit.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 6: Something Sixtine

Wearing: H&M faux leather skirt and scarf, F21 sweater, Urban Planet bag, Hue tights, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots,Danier leather gloves

I'm also wearing a traditional Romanian beaded necklace I got from the Peasant Museum.

The lovely and fashionable Ioana

Met up with Alice@Dulapul Bunicii once again this time at some cafe that I don't really remember the name and to be sincere I really don't want to. I encountered the worst kind of service one can. We were basically thrown out of the place because we were taking some pictures after we had already ordered some drinks. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 4 & 5: Carturesti, Museum, Cafepedia

Warning! I wore the same outfit 2 days in a row! FASHION CRIME!!

Wearing:F21 leopard coat, H&M scarf and tights, ebay turban, Urban Planet bag, unknown leather boots, Dika sweater dress

Ioana, me and Nookie... Alice always refuses to be in the pics. She would rather be our photographer.

Day 4: Went to Carturesti once again with the lovely Nookie@FashioninmyEyes and Alice@DulapulBunicii. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ioana who amazed me from the very beggining. I saw her again Day 6 and I'm seeing them on Monday once again. I keep raving about Ioana to everyone and Alice teases me that I have developed a girl crush. She might be right!

Day 5:Went to the National Peasant Museum with George. Saw the most wonderful traditional costumes of Romania which inspired me to crave full beaded peasant tops and embroidered coats. Lucky for me their gift shop was well stocked and to my surprise they had the most wonderful selection of vintage peasant tops. Obviously I had to get one and left the museum with the most gorgeous piece of beading I have seen. I must show you in another post the details on this peasant top.
Afterwards I met up with an old friend @ Cafepedia.

P.S. My spell check isn't working. Please excuse me!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 3: Industrial Ghetto

Wearing: H&M skirt, Target scarf, unknown cashmere sweater, Urban Planet bag, turban from ebay,Jeffrey Campbell boots

I'm really in day 5 right now but running way behind with my posting. I wore this Tuesday to a business meeting which took place in a fairly remote industrial location of the city. Later in the afternoon I dropped by Corina Vladescu's showroom where I finally got to meet her and I must say that I was amazed by her personality. I kinda already knew she was awesome but I never really grasped how cool she really is. I believe I already mentioned her a couple of times on my blog so by now you probably know that I am pretty obsessed with her clothes. She truly is the most amazing designer ever. I did not take any pics at her place because I think I was too in awe by Corina and her amazing pieces. I'm planning on dropping by on Monday for a fitting and to check some of her other pieces from past collections that are going on sale at the start of next week.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 2: Bob's Cafeteria

Wearing: BB Dakota coat, Urban Planet Bag, vintage beret, H&M sweater and scarf, Aldo faux-leather leggings, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots

Bob's Cafeteria:

Our Drinks:

I'm really running behind with my posting about this trip. So sorry but have been pretty tired.
On Monday I went to Bob's Cafeteria with Nookie from Fashion in my Eyes and Alice from Dulapul Bunicii. I always have fun when I go out with these two. We kept on chatting and chatting that the waitress almost threw us out of the place. I'm seeing them again this afternoon. Can't wait!
P.S. Alice is camera shy so this is the reason she doesn't appear in any of the photos. Maybe today we'll convince her otherwise.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 1: Vintage Fair

This was my first day outfit:

Wearing:F21 coat, Danier gloves, Tie rack scarf, vintage skirt, Urban Planet bag, unknown black tops underneath, Jeffrey Campbell lace-up boots and lace bunny years from Dulapul Bunicii

I'm so tired right now so the writing will be minimal. I'm jet lagged, haven't slept for 48 hours and at this moment can barely keep my eyes open.
So this was my first day. I went to a vintage fair that I heard from Alice from Dulapul Bunicii. I must say that I was very impressed by the quality of the items available for sale and by the attendees who were pretty cool girls. I really wished George wasn't as tired as he was so I could have stayed longer. I did not really have time to go look through everybody's stands and I kinda regret that cause from a distance there seemed to be lots of cool things.

I was able though to buy the lace bunny years handmade by Alice herself. Trying to decide which size to get. For me bigger is always better!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to wear a turban

(images via the fashion spot)

Seriously has anybody seen anybody wear a turban better than Catherine Baba? This woman's style is amazing.I was contemplating how I can keep my head warm in Romania without sacrificing style. Then I saw the pics of Catherine Baba on her bike in Paris and I decided to buy one too. It finally arrived just in time for the trip. I will be debuting this lovely headpiece in a couple of days in Romania. My mom warned me not to. She says people will give me weird looks (according to her Romanians tend to be a bit backward minded).I frankly don't give a damn. Let them look for all I care. I cant wait to wear it.
Got to go sleep now. Have a flight to catch tomorrow. Next post will be coming Sunday from Romania.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Packing is such a hassle

Wearing: H&M puff sleeve blazer, Aldo gloves belt and OTK, Honey Room sunglasses vintage skirt, Sonia Rykel for H&M lace bustier.

I'm getting so excited for my trip to Romania. I'm super scared though of the sub zero degrees weather I will have to face. I know people think that because I live in Canada I should be used to harsh winters but PEOPLE I live in Vancouver!!!!!! We have a maritime climate. Mild winters with lots of rain. This winter was especially warm. The weather here is almost like spring. So yeah I am freaked out about the freezing temperature of Bucharest. I haven't been there in the winter for 11 years so I kinda forgot about their terrible winters. Packing for this trip has been such a hassle. I don't own too many cold weather items. I went Friday and i bought lots of under layering pieces like leggings and long sleeve tops to wear under my dresses and skirt to keep me warm. I have some cozy sweaters as well so I hope that it will be enough. I also ordered a tan colour turban from eBay to keep my head warm. I hope it arrives by Friday. Anyways I really hope that I wont be stuck inside the house the whole time I'm there because I just can't face the damn weather. That would be such a waste of my trip.