Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ops I did it again!

 Monday night, after a few shots of tequila and some cheesy pop music from my teenage years blasting from the computer, I gave the white wall posing another try.

This is most definitely not my most original look although it would appear otherwise. I can not take credit for anything you see.
The make-up was inspired by the The Chic muse.
Although I have been sporting the same old cat eye look since I was 18, I have never exaggerated as much as I did in this post.

The styling would have been my own if I haven't decided to add this faux fur hat to the mix. Not that the hat isn't mine but most normally I wouldn't have paired the two together unless large portions of alcohol had been ingested most certainly not the case after just a  few sips of that yummy Mexican poison.  Iulia from Dream Size Zero seems to have such a strong grasp of me that not only do I shamelessly and poorly copy her posing but it seems unconsciously her styling as well.

But no worries! I am still my old tacky glitzy self, so my next look later this week will bring exactly that.

Hat: Claire's
Dress: Helmut Lang
Cuff: Erickson Beamon for Target
Shoes: Salvatorre Ferragamo
Earrings: Vintage

 P.S. Thank you to all who have given me feedback on my latest post. I have taken each advice into consideration and I am currently working on improvements.
The layout was changed into something a bit more organized yet just as simple as to not detract from the content.
As to the banner, which has been the thing that most of you had suggested needed changing, well its creation is underway. Yet a further discussion of it will have to take place!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open for Honest Criticism

Well I had another post in mind for tonight but due to first of all lack of time and second some pressing matters on my mind I have to open today's post to extreme harsh and honest criticism.

For months and months, I have been told to rethink about "rebranding" the blog. I've put it off for too long and it now needs to be done.

 So I ask you now for honest feedback on what I do well and what I do bad. 
I need to know what you enjoy currently about my blog and what you think needs improvement. 
What do you want to continue seeing?
What do you want to start seeing?
I'm interested in feedback not only on content ( picture quality, posing, backgrounds, styling, concept, writing) but also on blog layout and ease of navigation. 
What else do you think I should venture into beside the things you have already seen? 
Or let's put it differently! 
What are my top 3 problems/weaknesses?

In order for this to be truly beneficial it is very important that you do not perceive this as a cheap ploy to see who my haters are or that my opinion of you will be negatively affected. 
That's why I personally ask that all of you answer this question in anonymous format. 
Without this fear, an honest discussion can actually take place, one that will not only benefit me but you as well.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Golden Blazer

A lot of you have expressed much admiration for the golden blazer I wore in this post.
Well it's from Victoria Secret, online and I must admit it's one of my favorite things in my closet at this moment.  
And lucky for you, they still have it in stock.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Fair Lady

Sweater Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M
Hat: Vintage Henry Pollack
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Boots: Aldo
Tights: Hue
Scarf: Gift from Iran
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Found this vintage Henry Pollack hat last spring at a flea market for $1, a fraction of what they normally cost.  Now, I'm not a huge hat connoisseur but I think some restoration would be needed as  the hat has lost some of its shape along the years.

My best advice for finding real vintage designer pieces is go to garage sales/flea markets in affluent neighborhoods of your city. The quality of the clothes sold there is unbeatable.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Country Weekend: Fair Isle

 Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Belt: Versace
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Boots: Aldo
Hat: American Apparel
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I have been obsessed with the whole fair isle sweater dress since August when I was scanning the pages of September Vogue on the beaches of Cabo. Although the sun was blazing hot at that time, I knew that upon my return to Vancouver, nice chilly weather would sweep soon and a great sweater dress was needed to get me through the cold months.
And this Forever 21 dress sure did!
I have been wearing it non stop since I got it to the point that is piling so badly in some areas. I regret not buying multiples of it. This dress is as cozy as it looks good. 
To me that is fashion perfection!

P.S. Happy Valentine's day for you guys that celebrate it. We don't, just cause we don't believe that society norms should be telling us when we should celebrate our love for each other. We have our own special day and that is called our anniversary! This is just another capitalistic plot to get you to spend more money on things you didn't really need to begin with in the first place!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vancouver Neighborhoods: Yaletown

The first time I took you through a little walk in our diverse city was back in early December when me and Jen strolled Chinatown together.

Today I will show you another lovely neighborhood : 

Not so long ago, Yaletown was known as the industrial part of the city stocking warehouses for the Canadian Pacific Railway. 
In the 80's Yaletown changed its focus from an industrial neighborhood to a trendy up and coming place to be as young urban professionals started moving in the area. 
Today's Yaletown is known as Vancouver's upscale trendy neighborhood full of unique boutiques and cutting edge restaurants.

So in my opinion what can you do in Yaletown?
Among many other things, you can shop for amazing jewelery pieces and local designers at FineFinds Boutique...

You can try painting yourself a masterpiece while sharing a bottle of wine among friends at Raw Canvas...

Get you eyebrows done by threading  (a Middle Eastern method for getting rid of unwanted facial hair. WARNING : it hurts like a bitch or at least it does for me) at Bombay Brow Bar...

Stop by Blue Water Cafe for celebrity spotting ( Vancouver isn't named the Northern Hollywood for nothing)

If you want a more casual lunch, Earls will satisfy you..

 Or get a Quickie at Section 3 ( for you perverts it's not what you think)

Stay tuned cause I have a lot more to show you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dream Catcher

Crinoline: Vintage
Sweater: Forever 21
Hat: American Apparel
Tights: Hue
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Belt: Target

At the beginning of the year I mentioned some of my potential travel plans. At that time all it seemed to be  was a dream of places I would want to visit during my semester off.

I am happy to say that until now it looks as if the Japan trip along with London & Romania will be actually happening.
The Japan trip is the one I am the most exited about. It's a three week trip to Japan, where I will be visiting and studying Japanese language and culture at universities in Nagoya, Kyoto and Tokyo.
Tomorrow I am attending an info session on it at my school and as long as 9 more people sign up for it, this trip will be most definitely a GO!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Golden Maharani

I wait and wait and wait.
I hope and hope and hope that maybe for just a minute the rain will stop. 
No such thing. 
What's there to do?
Nothing except shoot an outfit inside. 

Up to a month ago, I would have cringed at the idea of shooting an outfit against a white wall.
How boring one would have thought!
No no, Its all in the method you do it. 
And so I learned or I think I did from the master herself, Iulia from Dream Size Zero. Not only are her poses naturally wicked but she is probably the coolest person I have met( well we don't know each other personally yet) but just take a look and you will see for yourself. Although I do not embody her carefree naturalness ( I'm uptight by nature), I tried to embody a certain Iulia spirit in these photos. It sure made shooting these photos a lot easier having Iulia as my inspiration. 

Not only that but she has also become my shoe consultant. Together we have pledged to one another never again to let ourselves buy uncomfortable shoes. So we have found ourselves on a journey towards finding dreamy shoes one can seriously walk in!

So a lot of vintage and just a bit of attitude made this look happen!

P.S.  A friend has just translated for me the meaning of this post's title!
Maha - Supreme
Raja = King
Rani = Queen