Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Post of 2009

Hello everyone!
So this is my last post of the year. I want to thank all of you for an amazing year, for making blogging so fun and for having such amazing people to share my style with. I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support and I wish you all the best in the New Year. I also want to let you know thought that this is the last post where I will be having a comment section. From the next year my posts will not have it so you wont be able to leave me feedback in that sense. The reason why I'm taking it off is because a busy semester awaits me and I know that I wont have the time to reply to each and every comment and visit each one of your blogs. I know some of you leave me comments only with the idea that I will visit your blog and leave you a comment. Unfortunately right now I don't have time to do that. Maybe after a while I will bring it back but for the moment it's better this way. You will always be able to contact me at my email address with any questions or concerns or even if you just wanna say HI. I will definitely answer your emails so you will always have a way of staying in touch with me if you really want to.

Now that the bad news have been taken care of lets move on to the lighter stuff. This is what I wore yesterday. I actually had a blazer underneath which I wanted to show u guys but my bf's jacket was so cozy and warm I just could not take it off. So this was the end result:

Wore: Dress from Ebay, Target Scarf pinned with vintage owl brooch, Kate Preston booties, H&M tights, North Face jacket.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry (Late) Christmas

I'm back... actually I have been back since the 24Th but I was too tired and busy to post.
My Disneyland trip was awesome in every other aspect except filling my goodie bag with treasures.
Neiman's Last Call and Saks off 5th proved a huge disappointment as the selection was extremely picked over. The Rodarte collection was also a huge disappointment. Bad quality fabrics and the fit was extremely off in almost every single piece. The Mulleavy sisters should be ashamed of this collaboration. One of Target's weakest so far. I did buy the leopard print dress though just because it was the only decent piece... there are still some problems with the fit but at least it's not visible. I can just feel it though when I wear it :(

Anyways here are some pics of some of the goodies I found on Christmas morning underneath my Christmas tree. The shoes are from my mom. LOVE LOVE the Kate Preston bondage booties. The Elephant necklace and the Tiffany candy cane charm are from George. In case u did not know my Charm bracelet is very symbolic and George always gets me a new charm for every event in our lives. The elephant necklace is something I asked for. When I was doing my Christmas shopping I spotted this amazing piece in a store that I won't even name... lets just say not the type of store you would ever think of finding such a piece... it totally reminds me of the Razza Elephant necklace Jane Aldrige wears on Sea of Shoes. I told George about it and lucky me he got it for me... I love love this piece and I know I will wear it forever. I also received my package from Corina Vladescu, a very talented young Romanian designer. I haven't taken any pics of the things I ordered but its basically three amazing dresses and Corina was nice enough to give me one of her tops as a present. Expect outfit posts of all those items soon.

Anyways hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and received lots of goodies. Normal outfits posts will continue from now on.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Off to California

Wearing: Vintage sweater,London Fog bag, H&M Leggings, Aldo OTK boots, Ray Ban sunglasses

My darlings, this is my goodbye post for about a week... I will be right back before Christmas... I'm going with my family and George, my BF to Disneyland and LA... I'm definitely hoping to come back with my suitcase filled with treasures... on the 20th you will definitely see me at the Anaheim Target checking out the Rodarte collection. I'm also hoping to score some great deals in shoes at Neiman's Last Call and Saks off 5th nearby. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much cause whenever i do i always leave disappointed. But that's not alwsy the case. When I was in Toronto I was counting on the Holts there to have a better shoe selection and lucky me , i was able to leave with the amazing Stella mesh sandal at 50% off. I hope I will be at least as lucky as that this time.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the season

This past weekend me and my BF threw our Christmas party for our close friends. I wore the Anna Sui dress for Target cause it just seemed like a good Holiday dress. I got myself a little hat though to make the whole outfit stand out a little more. The shoes I borrowed from my darling baby sis.

Here are some more pictures from the night:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Natural Woman

As you can see, at least once a week I have to wear a bohemian outfit. There is no other way! You can never take the Boho out of me!

Wearing: Floral tunic from Japan, Danier leather gloves, Aldo OTK boots, Jimmy Choo for H&M faux-fur vest, vintage sunglasses, H&M tights, AA felt hat

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pink fur

Wearing: Unknown brand faux-fur coat, Morgan skirt, H&M tights, Payless boots, HoneyRoom sunglasses, Urban Planet bag.

This is what I wore to get lunch with my bf on Tuesday.

I know that I'm way behind on with my comments but I promise I have not forgotten. I have just been super busy with final projects for school. I will be done in 2 weeks and I can start to devote more time again to my blog. I appreciate all of your comments and feedback and I always look forward to hearing your opinions.