Monday, August 30, 2010

Touches of Blue

Something that suits the mood and the view from where I'm currently at! Yes darlings Cabo is magnificent! This July Editorial from Vogue Paris is breathtaking! Beach Glamour at its best!

P.S. Before I left, I got a new haircut with more layers. I basically asked for something that will give my hair more volume! Although I achieved that, now that I look at it I'm unsure this look suits me! I kinda preferred the all one length loose waves I had before than this huge Afro on my head! OK it's not really an Afro but its just not a look I see myself with!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bon Voyage

I love packing for a new trip! No I really do! I'm off to Cabo first thing tomorrow morning. While this is not my first time in Mexico, this will definitely be a new experience as I have never been to Cabo!

Lots of colour and lots of prints are what will dominate my vacation wardrobe! Printed swimsuits for hot days accessorized with a BIG raffia hat, bright pashminas in orange and fuchsia for chilly nights worn over a dress!

Silk Caftans to throw over swimsuits in the day.... also wear them by themselves with heels at night!

Touches of turquoise to match the colour of the sea...and my new pedicure!

Comments will be off again while I'm away! You get why I'm sure!

Now that my luggage is ready,I'm signing off! Got an early flight to catch!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Le Cirque

Right outside Cirque du Soleil's Kooza show!!! An amazing experience!

Wearing: Corina Vladescu dress, Stella McCartney shoes, Loeffler Randall bag, Betsey Johnson earrings

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maxi Dresses and Leather

Wearing: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target leather Jacket, Old Navy Maxi dress, Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Another outfit worn too long ago. So long,that these photos were taken at the beach right after I finished my Operations Management Mid-Term. Given that I just wrote the final exam last Thursday you can see how I store pics in my computer for months before I get around to posting them!

Sometimes I feel I don't take enough advantage of the fact we have a beach in our beautiful city. It is literally a 20 min walk from my house, yet this summer my busy school schedule kept me from spending my afternoons and evenings there.I miss last summer where I had so much free time. A reminder to never take a full school load during the summer semester ever again!

Tomorrow I write my the last exam for my Asian history class! I was asked once why I take history and philosophy in business school. The history course is an elective while the philosophy class is actually a business ethics course. There is a huge trend nowadays to have all business students take ethics since today's company's are run by people that let's just say lack in morals. I guess they are hoping that tomorrow's leaders will hopefully be otherwise through a bit of education! Let's hope for the sake of our planet that they are right!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lady In Red

Wearing: Vintage dress & sunglasses, thrifted belt, no name shoes and bag

I know I made a promise that I didn't keep! I said I will return with an outfit post Sunday night and that did not happen. Life is hectic these days and if that's not a good excuse for not keeping a promise I don't know what is!

I wore this outfit a long time ago... well actually the day before the baby shower. I remember cause I needed an easy dress that day to just put on and go run last minute errands. I love the print on this dress but I hate how sheer it is... and when it's hot, the last thing I want is to wear a slip underneath it!

P.S. I got some emails asking me if I took the comments section away AGAIN! I did but only temporary, till I can get my life back. That will be Friday for those of you that care! So just a little bit of patience please! It will all be over soon and then it starts again!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bohemian Dreams

Photos from German Vogue July 2010

Have I been a bad blogger??? Yes I have! But I have a good excuse! End of the semester final projects. Those are finally done but starting next week, it's exam time! How fun!

I'm in still in gypset mood although I haven't had the chance to wear another " gypset" outfit for a long time. I actually have a lot of other outfit posts to show you that I have taken lately, but I really wanted first to share with you this editorial that I found from the German Vogue of July. This is definitely my type of thing. It caught my eyes as soon as I saw it. I think its just stunning!

On Sunday night I will come back with a new outfit! Till then Enjoy your weekends!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Treasures from Romania

My mom has just come back from a month-long trip to Romania and has brought me the most delicious goodies.

Lets start with the wonderful accessories from Dulapul Bunicii.

A lovely rose crown to make me feel like a princess...

A little bird's nest headband....

... and lastly a great ship necklace for my nautical moments

Then I had to get some shoes in my size... yes people, Romania is about the only place where I can actually get size 35 shoes without getting any ridiculous looks!
This is my third pair of the same Musette ballet flats... They are the only comfortable pair of flats that I have ever owned. No need to wear them in... just put them on and GO. I practically live in them. Ask my friends! I even wear them to play tennis! And the compliments I get!!!!!!!!!!! People always ask me on the train to school where my shoes are from.

And because small shoes are so hard to come by, my mom made sure she got them in black as well! Isn't she smart?

I also ordered this lovely playsuit from La Chaterie. Ioana from Fashezine featured it a couple of months ago when she did the Lolita shoot for La Chaterie. As soon as I saw the pics on facebook, I knew I had to have this piece in my wardrobe. So I won't spoil it, you get a little sneak peak of it!

Can't wait to wear them all!