Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Annie Hall and the Fire Station

Wearing: H&M pants, Balenciaga shoes from Fall 09, vintage Chanel bag, Zara shirt, vintage hat and belt and Ray Bans

Unintentionally, I channeled Diane Keaton's famous Annie Hall look, mostly through the manly pants and the hat. I took these photos at an heritage fire station building around downtown. Every time I pass by this fire station I remember my walk with one of my friends earlier this year. During this walk I was extremely deep in conversation, explaining to her some "very serious" stuff that were happening in my life. I soon realize that none of my "serious stuff" was actually going through her head when she randomly started chatting and flirting with one of the firefighters at the station. The whole time that I was explaining her my deep and troubled thoughts, she was eyeing him from afar, waiting patiently to get close to him to chat him up. What is it with girls and firefighters???

Anyways I have my final mid-term tomorrow and instead of studying philosophy which I officially hate, I am blogging with a glass of white wine which I am sooooooooo enjoying at this moment. If this glass continues into seconds and thirds, then I fear tomorrow. Oh and the wine I'm drinking is a gift from the flirty firefighter friend I just told you about.

P.S. No, I do not have an alcohol problem. Although if you've ever partied with me, you would probably think otherwise.


rachaelkrystina said...

I think you have to drink wine in order to get anywhere with phil!
RachaelKrystina at latentblatant.com

nookie said...

why do you study philosophy at business school? I've heard them studying it at general economics in first year, here...I hate it too, hope it won't be in my program!
I abosolutely love this look, I would wear it asap!
Don't know about the Balenciaga's, they don't look comfy:)
hugs Mina!

ps: firefighters here are not that charming:)) but I've met only one:)

Yocohoto said...

ahhaahh love the story about your friend and the firefighter :P enjoy your wine and good luck for your exam!

love the shoes xx

Style_Pursuit said...

I might try to recreate this outfit myself, absolutely love it! :o)
I had some philosophy classes too a few years ago, awful! But don't worry, you'll get through it!


Eszter said...

love the Balenciaga shoes, don't know if I could walk in them though :)

Shamini said...

oh! these are h&m pants? wow! never saw it in any h&m over here :(
love your vintage bag!

And good luck for your paper!

big kiss love!


heart.tiff.heart said...

i die over your shoes! ; )

Susu Paris Chic said...

I adore Diane Keaton... I've been coveting, and hoping to bump into, slouchy pants for some time now. Yours look fab! Great styling with the belt!

Tanvi said...

It's 8am here and you have made me wanna relax with a glad os white wine already in the day! hahaah

Look at your fabulous shoes and belt. Love it!

Erica said...

You look very French-chic in this outfit, I love it! This is a great look for you.

I figured you'd like this, I went to my first ever H&M last week! My boyfriend drove me two hours away to go shopping, I LOVE THAT STORE NOW. I had no idea what I was missing! Same thing with Zara, I had never been there either and I LOVED IT! I have you to thank for telling me about these stores through your blog :)

Thank you :D


Megan Wolf said...

literally each outfit of yours that I see, gets better and better. just when I think I can't have a new favorite of yours, I head back to your blog and you have come up with something new and wonderful that totally blows me away. things I am loving about this outfit: everything. I can't decide on a favorite piece. you look gorgeous in that hat and sunnies. those shoes are out of this world! the color and the design of them is to die for. and I am coveting that purse like crazy. you are too much of a style inspiration for me. keep that beautiful outfits coming!


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jen said...

You look very well put together and I love the pop of cobalt in the belt. Hope you got enough studying in and rocked that exam! Enjoy Canada Day!


Carolina said...

I loved this shoes!!!

Lee Oliveira said...

Love the whole outfit..
You look really good.

Your balenciaga's are to die for.

Ps.. Chanel is Chanel


Hannah said...

Such a cute outfit!
The heels on those shoes are amazing!
And the hat = fantastic.

Krimly said...

Hi darling!! I have already finished my exams!! :) I wish you good luck with your last exam!!
You gave me a good idea... I think I am going for a glass of white wine too!! haha :)
You look so pretty in those photos, your shoes and belt are so beautiful!! lov your style&blog so much! keep it up! :)
would you like exchange links? I've already add you to my blogroll and I would like keep in touch :)


Emily and Abigail said...

lusting this whole outfit!! the shirt, the great summer pants, and delicious chanel bag..


libys11 said...

so fabulous from head to toe!! :D i love everything!!! :D the belt and shoes are my ultimate favorites!!! :D

Animated Confessions

Ana said...

Mina you look magical:)
Love the shoes, the pants, the blouse, the belt...yeahhhh pretty much the entire outfit;)

Lots of hugs

Anna Pope said...

I adore those pants. Actually, I adore this entire look! Annie Hall is the best inspiration, isn't it?

And who can blame your friend. Firefighters really are swoon worthy ;)

Anonymous said...

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