Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guess who's back with a brand new track

 Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell's Lita
Tight: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Brooches: Vintage and Alice&Sara
Camisole: Libertine
Belt: vintage

I'm back after a hell of a week. I was supposed to come back Sunday night but unfortunately our flight was canceled for two days. The conference was a full-on party fest! It was amazing meeting other students from across all of North America.

As to my outfits during the conference, Well I have none.  
First of all, I did not have my photographer with me or his camera. I find that nobody can capture me as well as he does. He knows my best angles, he knows what I want and to train someone new is such a hassle.
Second, my outfits were not too spectacular. During the day I wore business attire while at night I kept the styling of my dresses extremely simple. 
I mean ... a business conference is not really the place to put on a fashion show.


jemina said...

LOVE your outfit from head to toe :))


Michelle Chic said...

love how the skirt looks! very pretty!

herwaisechoice said...

Love the skirt Mina... it looks super expensive.. not like it was from H&M at all!

Good to see you back and hope to see you posting more soon!

Anyway I'm going to be sending an email your way... have a few things to ask you. Talk to you there :)

Hope you're having a great week,

PUNKIE said...

th Lita's are very difficult to combine without looking like a stripper.
By the way... you've do it! this look is adorable! love the skirt deeply!

Alice in vintageland said...

Wonderful outfit: the skirt is something else and the jacket with those brooches looks great. I missed your outfit posts. We have to talk asap on FB, I want to know everything about the trip/conference. Kisses

DeVero said...

Waw, you rock those clothes! I not a big fan of the Litas but They fit you so good. I thought first that the skirt was one of your purchases of Corina Vladescu (oh yes, since you mentioned her name I was really inlove with her creations, a litle hard to shop from her I think).

Welcome back ;)!

A dreamer. said...

don't worry, you're counterbalancing the lack of pictures from the conference with these ones. you look great!

Sere said...

those booties are freakin' hot:X...LOVE them and your whole look:X...I'm happy that you liked my award:d:)>:d<

xoxo sere

Anaivilo said...

Good to have you back! I am sure the conference went well :D
I love that skirt on you , reminds me of a Burberry collection. And the Litas.... adorable! :D

The Hearabouts said...

Ohmy, those Litas look SO good on you. I like it how you put this look together, very different from other outfits I've seen featuring the shoes. The skirt's amaazing.

Thank you soso much for the comment. The pics were taken by my boyfriend, I've worn him out with the indications :)). We'll surely arrange a photoshoot for next summer. Thanks a lot for the support!


AzaharaJS said...

so pretty always!!

you remind me Winona Rider, jiji


Laura Tenshi said...

Wow, wow, wow. You blew my mind with this outfit, I mean the color of your skirt and the cut are so out of this world. Not to mention your JC shoes that are like a piece of art. I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing them but I must say you did the best job because you wore them with feminine garment unlike them.
So, the conference was pretty boring in terms of fashion? I am sure you were dying to come back to your usual style and we are glad to have you back.

Special K said...

u just knocked it out of the park !!!!

Agitarsi said...

Gorgeous shoes!

Heels lover said...

That skirt is indeed gorgeous and looks so good paired with the Litas!I haven't worn mine with skirts yet but i really love these shoes and this post of yours is trully inspiring! Very feminine despite the chunkyness of the shoes:)


♥ kisses ♥

plentyforpennies said...

GREAT outfit! Love the skirt, paired with the blazer, with the brooches with the shoes....LOVES!!

Anca Buzea said...

Lovely!! Great light also!

Cupcake said...

Chic!! And perfect skin my dear!

Ayanna Michelle said...

I die for that SKIRT. J'adore this whole look!

Quench Fab

Veronica Biliboc said...

As DaVero said, I thought too the skirt it`s from Corina Vladescu :) I love how you matched the Lita`s with this amazing skirt. As usual, I love your entire outfit and the photos.

Andreea said...

great outfit! looove your shoes and the tinkerbell brooch. she's my fav cartoon character. xoxo

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Wow, beautiful!! :) great blog~! hope you'll become a follower of my blog too?

Rosie Unknown said...

I love your skirt! The drape is gorgeous.

It sounds like a pretty good trip, and I hope that the delayed flights weren't too annoying.

Emma Jade said...

Oh the litas! Amazingggg!
i really love that skirt too, you have such awesome style girl :)

Anonymous said...

You are to DIE for!
I LOVE the shoes.

Damsels said...

lol i know what you mean i am currently working on training my new photog. he keeps cutting out my shoes for soem reason .
but i took your advice and am tryign to start off kindly with this one .. so that he doesnt get sick of it later on .

youl ook incredibel.. words cant describe. .you are right he knows your anglesbecause this is stunning .. i hate the litas on everyone but you.

Charaze said...

I like it! I love your skirt! :D And your hairdo looks really fun. I think I might try styling my hair like that.

Toni Tralala said...

H&M never disappoints. :) The skirt is absolutely darling!

Those shoes are a definite conversation starter. :)

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Those booties are a killer! Me gusta :)

Shamini said...

oh! am loving those pictures!
love the way you play around with the photographer/photo shoot process!


VertAnge said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Luna said...

love everything about this outfit! <3 keep it chic. xo~ and would love to take you up on your offer about meetin up! get at me:

from 1 vancouverite to another,love,peace&blessings.

T.A.P.S. said...

THIS OUTFIT IS AMAZING! I can't believe the skirt is H&M.

Nancie said...

you look fabulous,am loving the styling of the lita,s something different! love your blog, now following you on bloglovin

classiq said...

The skirt is fabulous and the color is beautiful!

lancelonie said...

Back for more fabulousity!
Those shoes rock, girl! :)