Monday, December 13, 2010

A Christmas Giveaway

My apologies as  I have been away the last week finishing up school projects and other stuff so I definitely have to ask for your forgiveness on this. 

And what better way to sweeten up these apologies then to offer you a Christmas giveaway open to all of my readers.

Christmas is the time to be charitable so it gives me great pleasure in giving away this amazing cuff to one of you as it is a true statement of what Faboulista's style is all about.
This giveaway is open to everyone worldwide.

So what do you have to do to get this cuff:
For one vote each to a maximum of 3 votes, You can:

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect publicly 
2. Follow my blog on bloglovin
3.  LIKE Faboulista on Facebook 
(please leave me your name if different that your blogger account)

Please leave a comment on this post stating which of these you have done so I can verify.
Even if you are already following me please let me know that you are actually interested and in what ways you are doing so. My memory is slow these days!
A winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Monday December 20th at 10:00 pm Pacific Time.

Good Luck!


Americanca said...

The cuff is lovely indeed. I follow you with Google Connect and like you on Facebook

jemina said...

I've been following you via bloglovin babe :)


Jeniese said...

I love that cuff! It is amazing. I follow you on google friend connect and I like you on facebook.

Fashion Flirt said...

That's a gorgeous cuff! Wow!

I followed you on Facebook!

nookie said...

that's one gorgeous cuff Mina, are you sure want to give it away?

ehm, I do all the stuff above already:D

Rinz said...

please enter me too :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

Very cute cuff! Following via Google friend connect!
Boho Market Blog

*chameleon* said...

this cuff is precious,and completely my style,cause of the beautiful multi-colored gemstones!!:) great idea as a gift!!!well i am already following u on google and bloglovin,since the day i discovered your blog,and from today on the facebook as well!:))

Alice said...

Mission accomplished ! :)

Michelle Chic said...

i've been following you through google friend connect!


Michelle Chic said...

I also liked your page on facebook!

Aurélie. said...

Ohh, thank you so much for your lovely comment !

I love this concept, it's nice!

I already follow you on my blog and facebook.

Beautiful cuff!

See you soon. xoxo.


alamode said...

Wow love the and have always loved the blog!!!
Will like you on facebook!
Thank you

gayatri said...

That cuff looks gorgeous! like u on Facebook!


Allie said...

LOVE this cuff! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

Following you on google


Allie said...

Liked you on facebook


anaivecloset said...

I've been following you via bloglovin'.

Annemarie said...

Amazing cuff! I love it :) I'm a jewel-aholic so this piece would definitely make me happy :P
I'm following you with bloglovin and i liked you on facebook
Happy Holidays! :*

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Hey Mina,

Love the Chritsmas spirit with a give away ;) I am folllowing via Google Connect and I kinda like you on Facebook too. Hope I win xxx

Silver^ said...

I follow you with Google friend connect with the name Silver^
with Bloglovin with the e-mail
and I like you on facebook my name is Manuella Manu


Alice in vintageland said...

I love the cuff and I'm doing all of the obove for a long time now!:)

dressaddict said...

That's quite a lovely cuff :) perfect for the holidays parties. I like you on Facebook!

Anaivilo said...

Thanks for inviting me personally :D That is one amazing cuff. Love the stones! :D I am already following you through all forms and you know me on facebook as Anaivilo ;)

nituteodora said...

The cuff!!! i am already following you on bloglovin(, and from today i will follow you also via Facebook (Teodora Nitu) and Google Friend(nituteodora):)
p.s. nice job with your blog, i'm loving it!!!

Laura Tenshi said...

I am following you on blogger and I like your page.
Oh, you are actually right about me not liking gold. I never wear jewelry, it must be something wrong with me, right?
This cuff seems pretty amazing though... I wouldn't mind winning this at all. So, count me in.
P.S. It's very nice of you to hold such an awesome giveaway for your readers.

KcomeKarolina said...

how cool! i just bumped into your blog! amazing! follow you on blogger!

xoxo from rome

Boheme.Fille said...

That cuff it's amazing! I love it!
I'm already doing all the things you need to enter, that means I'm following via GFC, following with Blog Lovin too and "like" Faboulista on facebook (with the name Simona Floroaia)

Thanks for the giveaway!

Special K said...

Gorgeous has to be mine! :)))

I following you on bloglovin & like your facebook page :P


AzaharaJS said...

Oh! is amazing! I love
I follow you in all, facebook, bloglovin, Google, all!!!


Kat said...

I'm a GFC follower :)
I think that cuff is fab!

katch05 at gmail dot com

Lee Oliveira said...

This cuff is fabulous..
Wishing all the best for the lucky girls who will win this

PUNKIE said...

Just done! my FB name is Pasqualina Rubini! :D

Sere said...

Hey Mina...I've done all three of the above..and I just love following you everywhere..your blog is amazing..and I'm really proud of you specially because you showed to the world that Romanian girls have a great sense of style...Happy holidays!

xoxo sere

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Mina, it's so pretty~ What a wonderful gift!

I "liked" you on FB (Emily Davis Watson)!


Poofie said...

Ive been following u for a while now..Great job!

Follower: Poofie
AND I liked u on FB( Stephanie Stanciu)
Fab Cuff btw!

Cristina said...

Hey! i follow you with the name "Cristina" and i like you on facebook with the name "Cristina Dragomir".
Happy holidays!xoxo

Cecille said...

i'm cecille, and i already like you on facebook.. and now i'm a follower too :)
good luck to all!

my e-mail:

Diana said...

I'm following you on bloglovin and google friend !

Kisses ! great giveaway !


Anca Buzea said...

Great cuff!! I follow you on GFC and Fb with the same name :) (thanks for telling us you also have a fb fanpage, this way I can follow you more easily!!)

Andreea said...

Gorgeous piece of jewellery, i love it!<3
Following through bloglovin!

VertAnge said...

Pretty bracelet!

Esther said...

YAY this is pretty! im following now :D come and have a look at mine? ;D XXXX ♥

fashionstoned said...

Great give away!!! wow what a Stunning cuff!!!

Fingers crossed=)



Anonymous said...

Wow!Beautiful cuff! I'm following u on Facebook (with the name Ana Maria China) and Google friend (with the name Ana)
Thanks for the lovely giveaway! :)

Mirela Petre said...

i.m following you in bloglovin,with Google friend connect and on Facebook.

Love the cuf, this is a great giveaway!


The Beauty In Me said...

I did all the 3 rules!
The prize is gorgeous!

Emma Jade said...

that cuff is gorgeous!
i follow via google friend connect! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mina, I love the cuff <3!!!

I hope me and Eve can participate separately :P.

I'm already a fan on Facebook, and I added you to my Bloglovin' :D

S., The Hearabouts

Simply Seductive said...

Thanks for the invite to this fabulous giveaway! I am now following your blog via Google.

Have a great day,


Ida said...

That cuff is beautiful! I'm so glad you told me about it. :) I'm following you on Google Friend Connect.

misscindee said...

This is such a beautiful cuff. I have added you on blogger and liked on FB

misscindee said...

btw if its ok i added you onto my links under 'made in vancouver'

classiq said...

it's gorgeous

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

WOW OH WOW, THAT cuff is f'amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're right, totally my style. Sign me up, teehee!

I follow you with Google friend Connect, bloglovin' and on facebook, of course!

Oh and, no, that wasn't a garbage bag on my head, lol! You had me lol'ing so hard---it was my shiny scarf that my poor cellphone camera was unable to accurately depict, lol.

Shamini said...

oooh! nice cuff!
am in!

fb id: Shamini Poisson

kisses and merry xmas dearest

Iulia said...

Hey! I follow you with the name Iulia and I like you on facebook with the name Iulia Banescu.

LuCia said...

hello ..i follow you with the name LuCia and i like you on facebook with the name Lucia Gabriela .
If i win my email is ! XOXO

misscindee said...

Hi Mina, I lived in Van for a few yrs. Right now I'm temporarily back in Calgary but working towards coming back to Van in a year =) I would love to do shoots together. that sounds like so much fun. Who is your photographer bcos your photos look amazing. I cant believe those ones from your last post are from Chinatown. A very unlikely place to capture beauty(maybe bcos i didnt have a good experience last time i was there) but its true when they say that there is beauty in everything if you choose to see it.

Where did you study fashion? I went to Blanche Macdonald for fashion design

Larissa said...

Oh what a cute christmas present! following following following!

Bubblegum Smile said...

This giveaway is beautiful, the cuff is so Christmas like.

1. Following you on Google Friend
2. Follow on bloglovin
3. Like on Facebook as Evelina Munteanu.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

that cuff is stunning! i am following you on Google Friend Connect and on BlogLovin and i Like Faboulista on FB.

please enter me hun!

Camelia Andrasescu said...

Enter me,please!
I follow you via GFC(Camelia Andrasescu)
I liked you on FB (Adriana Camelia Andrasescu-Scrieciu)

AzaharaJS said...

Hello! look at my blog! you are in a very special post.
There is a brief explanation in English


BenchesandChandeliers said...

beautiful! i love even the box :)

Maja said...

I've been following your blog for some time now. But the cuff is truly an amazing piece. Chances are small but I'll keep my fingers crossed ;)

- facebook like

Maja Zuchowska

Damsels said...

ive been folloing for a while on bloglivin . but now i signed up for GFC too

weweredamsels at gmail dot com

katie_589 said...

hi! i follow you via gfc as katie_589.. i love your giveaway:X

Michelle-esque said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I will enter your giveaway as you have mentioned in your comment! This is quite a lovely cuff! I've seen a lot of cuffs, but this is very beautiful!

1. I am a follower via GFC as michelle-esque.
2. I liked your Facebook page as Michelle Huynh.


♔Reyna♔ said...

I followed here! b/c ur blog is amazing and fashion fabulous! and I "liked" on FB. (Reyna Lay)

btw: if you get the chance, you should pass by my blog and say hi! I just put up my most requested post: my fashion closet tour!

hope to hear 4m u soon!

Denise said...

Pick me Denise LOzada!!!

i need that when my body soon shrinks.

am following you girl.

Alma said...

I really need to win this as monday it's my b-day!:P Yuhuuu!!

My name is Alma Stancu ( following you via google friend connect and facebook.

Kiss ya!

Anonymous said...

following on google!! I would love to have this

Americanca said...

Mina, I was reading your comment on Thrill of the heel. I have the same problem as you. Can't seem to find my shoe size too easy in USA. It was much easier back in Romania.

Maybe you can find something in here

or here

Toni Tralala said...

What a wonderful giveaway! :)

I'm a follower via GFC!
I'm a fan on FB! ID: ToniTralala

Lynn said...

hi mina! thanks so much for your comment leading me here to this fab giveaway! i've followed and appreciate the opportunity, so awesome. plus i've been reading Jen's blog for a little while and am always stoked to find fellow Vancouverites.

the photos of you two together are always so stunning! beautious as all get out is what. ♥

Cee said...

Amazing giveaway! I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect :)

La pépite modeuse said...

amazing !

Dolls Factory said...

1-already following on GFC
2-Already following on Bloglovin
3-Liked on facebook Read Dolls Factory

Charaze said...

I'm dazzled with that bracelet. Very beautiful. :-) To whoever shall win, you definitely deserve it!

Alina A. said...

gorgeous bracelet.xx

martienna said...

amazing blog ; *
i very like it ur notes :*

if U want follow me and write comment ;**

College Barbie said...

gimme gimme!!

Mimi said...

i am a new follower. :) thanks for letting me know about this fab giveaway of yours! :D

<3, Mimi

sexylegsandbody said...

Woooow, if I can offer this lovely piece to my wife as a present, who knows, I might just be allowed back into the house again. You know I have been sleeping with my dogs for the last year or so...hehe... just kidding, but if that can earn me some extra points, why not....

It is truly a stunning piece of work!
Thanks for inviting me, and I am following you on google friends connect.


sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, I am also following you on bloglovin'.

Thanks again and hope your weekend is going just great.


snow0016 said...

I follow you via GFC(snow0016) and bloglovin.
I liked you on fb(dioana d).
snow0016 at yahoo dot com

goodluck to everyone!

kelu007eu said...

i follow you via Google Friend Connect (kelu007eu)
gorgeous bracelet.xx

Cassiana PP said...

luv it:X...i liked u on facebook Mina of Faboulista;) Happy Holidays

Cassiana PP