Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Impatiently waiting for the new year to begin, I got ready quite early yesterday afternoon, then waited by the window for nightfall to arrive and the celebrations to begin. With a glass of champagne and a fabulous cupcake I was ready to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011 with open arms!

Unlike like last year where my resolutions were mainly concerned with creating my own sense of style, this year my resolutions are regarding my personal life. After many years of slaving away in school and not doing much for myself that I truly enjoy , I decided that this will be the year where I will try to travel as much as I can. If everything goes according to plan and let's hope it does, my travel plans until September look something like this:
2.New York
7.San Fransisco

So let's hope 2011 will be an amazing year where Faboulista will take you on a trip around the world!


♔Reyna♔ said...

Wow! Love your dress! btw: I am so glad I am following you on FB, bc I got to see as soon as your blog was posted! yay! I hope you had a great New Year's and great first day of 2011! Traveling to all those places will be amazing, glad to be around for the journey. Also, if you get the chance, pass by my blog and say hi!

@Glamour Glory

herwaisechoice said...

Mina, you rock this dress and your travel plans sound so exciting-- I'm insanely jealous! Hope you and George had a great New Year's last night and all the best from David and I for the coming year!


Nancie Mwai said...

good luck in your endevours
Happy New Year

The Hearabouts said...

You look so beautiful in that dress, it's amazing! And the cupcake looks delicious.. you must know that I have an obsession with cupcakes :))!

Wow, great traveling plans...I'd like to travel that much, too (especially to Japan). Can't wait for the visit in Romania!

♥ S.

jemina said...

happy new year dearest

How I LOVE your awesome dress

wishing you LOVE and Happiness dear


Anonymous said...

I give your boyfriend props for getting you this dress. It. is. gorgeous. It looks way better on than on the hanger! Didn't know it was possible for it to look even better since Lanvin can do no wrong (well majority of the time). I bet you were the centre of attention at your new years events? ;)

Your travel plans sounds amazing! Please, do take us around the world in your fabulous outfits. However, your travel plans also sounds very expensive, BUT worth it nonetheless :)

Have a happy happy new year! Hope everything goes as planned.


Eszter said...

this is a gorgeous dress, a happy new year to you, you sure started it in style :)

snow0016 said...


happy new year!


modniza said...

so pretty dress!!!!happy new year!

Alice said...

I love this dress, but the grey one was my favorite!
I`m Glad if you want to visit Romania :)
Happy New Year!

Denise said...

gorgeous! happy new year! had my Christmas eve baby finally.


Andreea said...

Happy New Year! that dress was amazing on the hanger but on you is super-mega-truly amazing! xoxo

Sarah Bianchi said...

Happy new year!! You look like a odel in this lanvin dress! and perfect color!

VertAnge said...

A chic way to start 2011! I hope the New Year will bring you happiness and joy and all your dreams come true (including traveling)!

Diana said...

You're adorable !!! Happy New Year !!!

Anaivilo said...

Oh that dress looks amazing on you! I adore it's shape and color :D
Hope your plans will go well and I can already imagine you in Japan (I want to go there so badly! )

coco said...

Mina, you look so positively gorgeous! Seriously, that dress is amazing on you. The color is so fabulous and you look perfectly classic. I love it!

You MUST come to San Francisco. Then we can have a lovely day of shopping and food and photos and sight-seeing!

xoxo coco

AzaharaJS said...

the dress is so wonderful, you are very pretty

Happy New Year


Sunbeam said...

just like a beautiful doll =D
happy new year, love to follow you =D

Laura Tenshi said...

The dress looks incredible on you. Gorgeous look, love your accessories and nail polish.
About the New Year's resolutions, I hope you can travel to all those places you've mentioned. It's such a shame we are stuck sometimes in one place because of our studies, but I am sure you'll make up for lost time in 2011.
Happy New Year Mina, I wish you all the best.

Aurélie. said...

Happy new year!!!

You're wonderful, this dress is just a beauty.




Wow,just stunning!
Love red (on you!),just wow!!!
You`re looking like Carrie:DDD
Happy new year!

DeVero said...

So gorgeous you look in that dress! Is great color for you!
Treaveling is always so fun, so I can't wait to travel through your eyes ;)

Happy 2011!

PUNKIE said...

Happy New Year Mina!!!

You were looking great in this dress!

Special K said...

You looked like a princess :X very beautiful:*:*

hope u had fun:D

delia εïз said...
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delia εïз said...

I want to do some travelling this year too.. New York, Hawaii, LA, and Italy.


Elisse said...

Happy 2011 and good luck with making your travel plans a reality! I have been to most of those places, except London, Romania and Italy, but I plan on visiting Italy in March :)

a dreamer. said...

you look so pretty!
but I'm sure you already heard that :).
I hope you'll get to the places you want and maybe even more, if it's possible!
that's what I would love to do this year too, but I don't see that to be happening. life's too mad and upsidedown here in Romania to have a chance like this.

as I'm wishing to myself I'm wishing to you too: one of the kindest years of all.

Andra said...

un an nou fericiiiiiit! cu multe zambete si fluturasi! >:D<
p.s. you look great in that red "tully" dress :D

Dusk said...

You are simply divine. I cannot express enough how beautiful your images are and how beautiful you are.

You have certainly achieved the goal of your inetentions for 2010 and I'm sure you will in 2011 too.

I love this dress, I love it on you and I love your nail colour against the vibrance of the red.

Happy 2011!! May it be all you make it to be...

Ayanna Michelle said...

Love it! That dress is FIRE. You look amazing! Can you send me a cupcake? Lol.

Quench Fab

classiq said...

I wish you to have the time of your life seeing the world in 2011!

Veronica Biliboc said...

OMG you look fantastic! I`m in love with your dress. I would like to see the shoes you wore in that night.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the look!.. Happy New Year lady ~

Andreea said...

La multi ani:*
You look so beautiful wearing that dress!I'm still jealous:P
And your travelling plans sound awesome:X Hope i'll meet you this year:D

♥ kisses ♥

A N G E L A said...

love that dress!!! :D



Sere said...

Happy New Year, Mina>:D<..I love your dress..can't wait for the H&M store to open in my country...once and for all:X....I hope your resolutions come true>:D<

xoxo sere

MizzJ said...

You look fabulous! I like how your NYE outfit isn't a typical sequin number, but a super festive red! Have fun with all those travel plans, every city you've chosen is amazing :)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Love the dress! When are you going to NY?

plentyforpennies said...

The dress looks great on you! Love these pictures!

Love Bonche said...

Increible drees!!!! really nice

Lara said...

happy new year, you looked gorgeous!

L said...

Happy New Year! Love the dress! Here is to all the goals/resolutions. Of course, to a productive and fantastic New Year!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

you look stunning. is that dress lanvin for h&M?

jhanellescloset said...

great pictures1 Thanks for the well wishes! Happy new year to you too!

Cecylia said...

You look stunningly beautiful! Great dress :)

Amy said...

Red is definitely your color! This look is so fabulous. Happy (belated) New Year! And good luck with all of your travel goals!! Sounds like it's going to be one heck of a year. ;)

Beau Bazar said...

Felicitari pentru alegerea rochiei!
Lanvin rulz! ;)


Café Ciza said...

How crazy beautiful is this dress! :) ... and I love your selection of tights!

That LA Girl said...

absolutely love the dress and the photos are gorgeous! keep on bloggin' and please follow me. cheers xoxo LA