Sunday, April 10, 2011

Working Girl

School is officially done minus one exam  yet my vacation hasn't began! 
Why you might ask? 
Well, because I'm spending the weeks leading to my travelling, WORKING!

No, I did not get a job, but rather I have been commissioned to join my family's business for the time being. One of the benefits of working for your own company is that you can come to work at 10:30 am, take a 2 h lunch break which includes taking some outfit photos and hell even wear some leopard tights underneath that all black ensemble.

 So what do I really do at work all day? 
I check my facebook in between scheduling interviews for a new hire, I surf the net while I prepare a company policy manual and I burn up all my calories by running up and down the stairs every time my father calls me into a meeting!
If this is what work will be like after graduation, may I say, being a working girl won't be half as bad as I thought!

Jacket: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Cashmere top: Club Monaco
Pants: Zara
Belt: vintage
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Target


Anaivilo said...

Oh you are working! I am so scared of that moment in my life, where I have to make decisions and be responsible and just go home tired. Of course , for you it's easy working at your father's company, like you said it , easy schedule ;) Enjoy and good luck for you last exam! :D Your outfit here is so classy and cool ;)

Diana said...

lucky you !!!
your nevertheless beautiful and soo chic !


DailyDreamDecor said...
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nookie said...

at least you won't get fired:))
good luck with you last exam!

ps: can't wait to be ring twins:x

lolita said...

So gorgeous love everything about this look.. and hahah yes you should have a girly picnic at the park +dont 4get to invite me lol

Boheme.Fille said...

Ahh..I want a job like yours!:D

You look great, love the black ensemble with a pop of leopard.

Ginger Snap'♥ said...

I love your outfit, and your hairstyle. Those tights are just amazing.

Special K said...

As usual, u look amazing :x

I'd love to live in a foreign country 8->

Anda Zelenca said...

I looove the bag!

P.S. Sunt de acord cu Koko!:)

Trivia said...

ahah :P nice work indeed. Love your eyewear *

Miss Independent said...

i can't take my eyes off of that bag! gorgeous!

Ariana with a camera... said...

Pants from Zara are the best! They always have an amazing fit and feel great.

The College Barbie said...

YAY! I got pants from Zara from my new gig too and I cannot stop wearing them; its insane. They are stylish and they wear like jeans.

The leopard tights are brilliant, I have to try that!

StyleMeBAD said...

Must be nice!

Your outfit is great. Idid the same thing recently with leopard print stockings and slacks. Great way to spice up a work outfit.

Ana said...

Love the idea of wearing leopard tights underneath an all black outfit!

Andreea said...

Awesome job! Hopefully i'll have one like yours after i graduate! And i must say, wearing leopard print tights while at work make me wanna work for my own business even more:)) You look stunning, as usual!

My Fashion Tale said...

You have the best job ever!!! Mine, unfortunately, is nothing like that at all :(

sacramento said...

You look fantastic in black with a touch of animal print.
So glad that you are enjoying work.

Alina V. said...

That's the perfect job! And you outfit is so percfect chic. I would love wearing leo print tights at my future job ;))

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

I saw the scarf at h&m and i wanted to buy it too! :) you're lovely!

Lara said...

even as a working girl you look stunning ;). so that can't be bad at all :D! best wishes for your graduation & starting your career!

Baby Budget Blog said...

There's something so elegant about all black! You look fabulous! Love the red lipstick and the high ponytail! And thank you for the birthday wish :)

Iulia Romana said...

Cat de superba e tinuta :) Sper sa ajung si eu sa lucrez undeva unde sa-mi permita sa ma imbrac cum vreau eu, si sa nu am uniforma gen McDonald's.

Imi place la nebunie tinuta asta (almost) all black ! Spor la lucru :)

Aurélie. said...

I absolutely love your outfit, especially your tights! I love the details like this , you're gorgeous :)



Pop Champagne said...

ohh love the outfit and your mulberry! so chic :) btw very nice to meet another canadian blogger here!!

Tarryn La Marque said...

ah job envy!! haha I too work the family business and my days unfortunately do not take on that spin, I do how ever spend a lot of time on facebook and blog research, all for the greater cause!!

L.O.V.E the hair by the way!!!

Tarryn xx

lisa said...

Love how the leopard socks add an unexpected touch to the all-black outfit.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

shoot that is the life for me sign me up. hahaha.

Love your blogger bun so cute.

Write it in Lipstick

uhooi said...

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Rach said...

what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you have time to check out mine i would LOVE your opinions! :)
follow me?

AlvianaKalin said...

wow you have a great blog! following!
and thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving comment.. :))


Style Incognito said...

loveee this look!

Kimberlee said...

haha I love your job description! Great work outfit :) I also see some changes to the blog... very nice! said...

ooh family businesses are the best! One day if Ihave a daughter I'd want her to take over my fashion business too :D

Yes you look as chic as ever, the most stylish person in the business!

SC said...

Well hello MME CLASS!

You look amazing. Your hair. Perfect. Your outfit. Perfect.


Miss Couture Vintage. X said...

You really do epitomize my sense of style and taste in fashion. You remind me a lot of myself! Do I have a twin in Canada?! :)

Stunning lovely. I love your scarf, the leopard tights as socks and the beautiful bold lip gives your outfit a Dita Von Teese twist.

Much love,

Miss Couture Vintage. X

Yeliz said...

hello lovely, thank you so so very much for your lovely comment! you have such a classic beauty about your style, simple and elegant and so well done dear! your feedback is so amazing, very inspiring lovely, do keep in touch! definitely a new follower :))

<3 xx

iamsam said...

wow nice look! i kinda like yout fashion its hype to the 10th power

Vivi.lesgamines said...

C'est si chic !

a dreamer. said...

well, again, you're a very lucky girl Mina.
personally, here, i find it hard to even dream about a nice job, the environment is very hard and so superficial.

what i love the most about your outfit is the hairbun (mixed with the black ensemble and heels), i'm inlove with them.

a dreamer.