Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Princess Shine

Earlier this week I came across this beautiful dress. It has everything my heart desires: a rich and decadent brocade in the softest colours. A dress perfect for a modern Marie Antoinette.

And then I  read that this marvelous creation belongs to a 17 years old from East Hampton still in high school and my mind was just boggling at the talent of today's youth. I remember at 17 I had just finished sewing my very first garment for my fashion school portfolio: a cotton sun dress made from a store bought pattern. I considered it amazing work at the time but now my poor cotton dress is starting to look like Cinderella's raggedy rag clothes in comparison to the lovely Princess Shine dress by Sarah Leora.

I'm most intrigued to see what this talented young designer will be coming up in the next few years!