Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let them eat Cake!

Dress: Celia Birtwell for Express
Shoes: Nina ( these were my prom shoes.. hihi)

Yesterday was nothing special... I didn't really go out except to walk Max and get that wonderful cupcake. I was re-watching the third season of Sex and the City when Carrie and Miranda go to Magnolia Bakery and eat a cupcake and I started craving one so badly.

Yesterday, I also received my first mean comment. I heard some bloggers say that you are not a real blogger till u receive your first negative comment. Well i got mine yesterday by some girl named Irinna who decided to post her comment as anonymous so I would have no way to see who she is and what she is all about. Irinna decided to state the obvious and tell me how short my legs are ( like i didn't know that) and how most of my outfits only bring that out. Thx Irinna, after years of struggling with accepting my body, you made me feel insecure about it again.

I don't mind constructive criticism. I have told u in the past when I didn't like an outfit and I happily accepted your feedback of what I could do to improve. If Irinna wanted to give me constructive criticism she should have firstly not posted her comment as an anonymous ( that is the first thing that shows that she knew her comment was mean but she posted it anyway) and secondly she should have told me what I can do to improve my looks and how I can wear each outfit to make my legs look longer.

I will say it once again, that I am not a model nor do I pretend to be one. I am a real person and this is the way clothes look on me. This blog is a way for me to share my style with people who love fashion just as much as I do. If u have a problem with the way my body looks I recommend to just stop visiting my blog and go read a fashion magazine with tall, skinny models.


Rosie Unknown said...

Aww, that's too bad! I hadn't even noticed until I read that! The photos are amazing!

The Dark Bohemiian said...

ooh !! i love audrey hepburn !!

and your outfit also ^^

nookie said...

I don't understand people who post mean comments anonymously and don't take credit for their actions.In my first mean comment a girl wanted me and my blog to die...just sick...

I don't think your legs are short and I really study the pictures.
Maybe I have an eye problem,but I'm sure I don't...
The bag is from Zara.

Btw I love your dress...

Lily Zemuner said...

Mina, first of all, you do not have to make your legs look longer. I think that is nothing wrong with your legs. NOTHING. And I'm not saying this just to make you happier, it's just because I don't agree. You are so beautiful, so elegant and those type of comments are really unnecessary. So, forget about it, ok?

Your dress is amazing, I want it!!
But, in fact, I want those chairs! Fantastic!!!


lucille said...

I love your dress ! You look so awesome !

Aline Aimée said...

Mina, darling!
I think you are beautiful, really!
And I've never noticed that you have short legs!!!
I love the outfits you make, the places you go, you have such a nice taste on clothes that bring the best of you out!
It's impossible to please everyone, so, that's life!
Changing the subject, I want that cupcake!!! It looks really delicious!
And I simply love this Audrey picture of yours.

xoxo =***


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love how she says that she wishes you all the best. moving on. I love your outfits and am glad that you show your legs. Your body is real. I think you are great and you totally shouldn't feel bad. Nobody's perfect...besides I don't see her picture on the internet for all to see.:)

Emily said...

Fuck 'em, lol, if you would excuse my language. You have an amazing style! I love your posts every day, I really don't get why anyone would ever leave a negative comment for no reason =/ Oh well, she must have insecurities herself; no one says stuff like that unless they feel bad about themselves.

THAT being said, lovely dress! Now I want a cupcake =)

Hayley said...

That's harsh, I don't understand who leave mean comments about people's appearances and don't even have the guts to do it openly.
Personally, I think you look great, this world would be such an awful place if we all looked like supermodels with long legs. It's our differences and unique qualities that make us who we are.
I love this dress, the print is so cute and the cut and fabric is great. On another note, you've made me so hungry looking at that cupcake.
Don't let people make you feel bad about the way you look.


Hanako66 said...

I am so sorry that you had a mean comment! You are fabulous, don't let it get you down!!

You look amazing here.

We have very similar tastes in home decor...I have that Audrey print and ghost chairs!

Emily said...

You are so welcome! I decided since I just made my comment without referring to her comment that maybe I misjudged her- and then I read the comment and I think maybe she was trying to be nice? As in nice but in a bitchy way. Regardless it was unnecessary.

Anyway, I'm leaning towards the black bag too. It looks a lot richer and luxe. It will be a while before I actually buy it but I will definitely post photos of it once I do. UO have the best bags!

Niviarsiaq said...

Mmm! You're making me crave cupcakes! the dress is so pretty and spring-like = perfection!

alice said...

UI have never noticed your shorts legs :S and I don't have a problem with them :S
Irinna is, maybe, jelous :S
Anyway, I like your style and and this is important! Not your short legs or something else.
And here you remind me on a Hollywood actress from vintage movies :))))

She's Dressing Up said...

Gorgeous dress!!

Ingrid Araujo said...

Hi Mina, I loved your look today, fabulous dress, amazing shoes!!!! Ahhh, the dinner's room is so fashion,thats your house?

Dont care about the negative comment, we dont need them.

Take care!

Xoxo, i learned!! hehe

Emz said...

Gorgeous outfit! Seriously, just ignore the mean comment. You're far from needing to be insecure about how you look. That girl needs a life.

fhen said...

hi! this is my first time being in your blog and i love it. aww you dont need to care those anonymous comments. the hater just doesnt realize that nobody's perfect. get real! btw i loove your dress and the strappy shoes (it will match my prom dress too i guess.. hehe)


Yuka said...

i love that dress. and the print is wonderful. dont pay any attention to those comments. you are lovely. i hope you continue to post cute outfits!

Irene said...

Omg, you & your dress is sooo pretty!

AnsweR: thank you so much :) The shirt is from Cubus. The jacket is from Risoe. The scarf is from Vero Moda. :)

Anonymous said...

I love love your dress f--- the haters you can express yourself creativly in anyway you want.


Anonymous said...

Who cares what any one else thinks? You look fab as always!

LPSH said...

thanks for your comment!
I will definately show you my DIY project when it's done, just check my blog and you will see!
you're wearing a very nice outfit on these pictures, me like :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Just found your blog and I must say that dress is gorgeous. Really enjoying your style.

Regarding the negative comment, I think most style blogs get them eventually. The main reason is the negative poster being jealous/envious. Seriously, if the only thing she can think of is 'short legs' then whatever (I don't think your legs are short by the way). She's probably completely insecure and taking it out on people who are brave and attractive enough to post pics of themselves. Keep posting and ignore the haters :)

Le Tasché said...

This dress is really a dream!

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Lovely dress and mm that cupcake looks delish. Don't let silly comments make you feel insecure, they aren't worth it. xx


vestido mas lindo liviano y femenino me encanta el toque dorado de los zapatos saludos

Morena said...

I've received many negative comments and my blog is still alive and kicking. :)
You're fine. You're gorgeous anyway, tall and skinny don't matter.

Love the outfit by the way.

Anonymous said...

Mina, you're body is fantastic and your legs are totally proportional to the rest of you. comments like that will happen, but keep your head up, because your gorgeous, and the rest of us know it!

trisch xo

(I'll jump right on that tag :))

Anonymous said...

ouch!wow people have a way of hurting you. But i love this pic and your dress so glamour girl.. plus the pic of audrey hepburn is cool..

Jojo said...

I agree with you. Why do these people bother to read our blogs if they don't like them!! Anyways I think you look fab and the dress is amazing..

Eda said...

Wow! You are so beautiful in these pictures! You shouldn't care of that girl's mean words!

Alice in vintageland said...

Your legs are just fine - you look esquisite every single time, I love the dress. Sometimes people can be so mean without any reason: the very first comment on my blog was posted by an anonymous girl also who said that I'm fat, old and have no imagination when it comes to clothes - imagine my shock - hahaha - they're haters so just ignore them:)

Insomnia said...

Such people are just cowards, don't pay attention to them! There's nothing wrong with your legs!
Your apartement looks great by the way. <3 these chairs and great Audrey!

Anonymous said...

very cute!! i love that dress

and that audrey picture is pretty amazing as well, I have it it too!


HiFashion said...

I don't see anything wrong with your body shape! You are beautiful. :)

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