Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Draped Neutrals

neutrals by Fab Girl on

I have been busy with school and other stuff these past few days... as well the weather in Vancouver is very moody. One day sunny, one day rainy... and the funny thing is its always sunny on my busy days and always rainy on my free days! i guess I'm that lucky

So for now just another polyvore game. this one was inspired by a dress that i have been coveting from Corina Vladescu, a very talented young Romanian Designer. You should check her blog out. Ever since i saw the neutral draped dress of her latest collection i have been wanting it so much. it seems like such a versatile dress.

Anyways...Maybe i will take an outfit pic today inside my house. excuse me if i do. what i can say... that's life.


Anonymous said...

I love draped dresses! I know how you feel about the weather. Yesterday it was high 60s in Baltimore and today it's foggy in the 40s.

modern antoinette said...

I seriously love every simgle one of those pieces. The colors are gorgeous and I love all the draping.

Amazing post!

PS. Thanks for the sweet comment, I wanted to go hippie on my outfit but decided it was too ovious so the peace sign necklace was a good compromise. I totally wish you could experience the exhibit too!!

Robynne said...

Love your blog's new look! The green dress is awesome!

phamzy said...

i love the gray dress. it looks relaxed!

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

Oh hello brand new layout! I'm digging it.

Robynne said...

Hey yes they are my sisters!!

By Deda said...

Hi cherry!

I love you looks!
Thanks for the comment!
I putted the translator!


lucille said...

WAH i love these dresses !They are so beautiful ! I love your style !

Lily Zemuner said...

I don't care, you can take your pic insire your house. We just want to see your outfit, that's important, dear! hahaha...

I don't really like draped dresses, but these that you chose are nice.


Vans said...

The dresses are cool and calm and simple.
Yh the earings at the top of my last post were DIY and no I cannot tell a lie I do not customise Vans lol. Although I should really look in to it.
The story behind my blog name...My name is Vanessa and I am the founder of ProFresh Magazine so I chose the name Fresh Vans..

Lol I really love you blog btw. See you soon

Vans said...

p.s you are awesome. just created a new job for me-]

Nora said...

Haha, it`s like that in my hometown as well! And I love all of the dresses:) Are you romanian by the way?

Hugs and kisses

Laura. said...

loving these pieces.

simple but beautiful.

TakeaDoubleTake said...

oh god. love all these!