Sunday, July 19, 2009


Shirt: Lacoste (dad's shirt)
Tights: DIY
Shoes: Kate Spade (borrowed from mom)
Scarf: unknown (borrowed from mom)
Sunglasses: Le Chateau

weekend outfit... almost everything is borrowed... the shirt I'm keeping for myself. sorry dad u're not getting it back! and the tights are really old and i cut them up stupidly.

P.S. I will be in Toronto for the whole week so no updates or comments on my part. will be back on Saturday night... expect new posts documenting trip when i get back.


Prinzessiin said...

you look fabulous :)

PUNKIE said...

great DIy! love this shirt so much!

mary_ronaldo said...

i like the scarf!

Lily Zemuner said...

Love you shirt.

Yesterday my boyfriend gave me a really nice shirt that is too short in him. I'm gonna use it this week.

Hope you come back soon.


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

love the outfit. it is something different from you and have fun in toronto.

Anonymous said...

love the sunglasses though :-)

have seen you do much much better. dont let us down. have a great trip!

Hanako66 said...

you look awesome!

Anonymous said... that outfit especially the leopard scarf!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVe the tights!

nookie said...

have fun sweetie!

proudly says, said...

i love the scarf so much!
good job on DIY!

Monica said...

fierce sandals!

Aline Aimée said...

Hey, Mina!
This outfit is so cool!!!
Love the tights and the scarf!!!
Your daddy's shirt looks great on you!!!



Vera said...

you look great!
and I love you're sunglasses!

thehappyhippyyy said...

so sorry havent replied lately, havent been able to access your blog from my laptop.
your outfits are looking as lovely as ever lately my dear.
i espcially love the business shirt with the feminine scarf!