Monday, August 3, 2009

Awards and Features

So sorry that outfit post has been taking a long time... i promise u will have it by tomorrow night...until then just wanted to let u guys know about this interview I did for Zebra Swag. Thank you Swati for the lovely feature. Click here to read the full interview.

As well one of my looks was featured in a classic black and white story on Blue is in Fashion.

Last but not least here is an award I have received from the The Fat and Skinny.. Thank you so much sweetie!

I have to award this to 10 other people and reveal 10 things about myself...unfortunately I cant think of any " interesting things" and I also think its more fun and exciting that you guys get to know me through my pics and writing rather than me telling u straight forward what I'm like.

So here are the 10 people I'm gonna award this to:

2.Lily Zemuner
3.Alice in Vintageland
4.Rosie Unknown
5.The Happy Hippy
6.God made me funky
7.Nadia and Laritzia from Damsels
8.Diane from Cooking Blind
10.Hippie Frou Frou


Damsels said...

that is so great of you ! thank you ..this makes us so happy to be a part of such a great style blog community. :)

Lilee said...

lovely blog! awesomeeeee

Hayley said...

Great news on those features - you so deserve it!


Rosie Unknown said...

Thanks so much! Great interview, I really enjoyed reading it.

Hanako66 said...

congratulations to you!!

nookie said...

Congrats on the features I'm so glad for you and thank you so much for the award!!

Pink Links said...


noble beeyotch said...

I had so much fun doing the feature on you, but i also had a very hard time narrowing down the pics to feature. You rock! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview!


PUNKIE said...

congratulation to you!!!