Thursday, August 6, 2009

Forever 21

Blazer and necklace: F21
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Stella McCartney
Tank and Sunglasses: H&M
Clutch : Aldo

So I decided to show you guys one other thing I bought while I was in Toronto. We don't have Forever 21 here in Vancouver so I was really excited to be able to go there. I bough the white blazer u guys can see and the Egyptian style statement necklace... I really liked it in the store but now I realize this piece would be a lot more valuable if I actually had a job.

P.S. I think i don't like these jeans anymore.... they make me look fat.


Anonymous said...

oooh...the blazer is fab..and the necklace is gorgeous. this is a very well put together look..except for the jeans, that are more skewed towards casual than glam..which the rest of you is :-)
Do they make you look
Do they make you look, no!!!

Olga said...

The Blazer is so smart, in fact I love all the pices you are wearing.



Lily Zemuner said...

Come on, you don't look fat! The jeans is amazing.

I'm so sad that F21 don't ship to Brazil. They ship to Argentina, a little country near by us, but they don't ship to Brazil! That's so boring.

You look fantastic, as always.


Rosie Unknown said...

They don't make you look fat, they just aren't the most flattering, shaping jeans in the world. Love the blazer!

Alice in vintageland said...

That's crazy talk girl ...they definitely don't make you look fat! Oh and how I love and miss Forever 21- that blazer is perfect in every way, love the necklace and the shoes too!
P.S: When are you coming in Romania? I'm off for two weeks to enjoy a short vacation but I'll be back in Bucharest on August 24th!Kisses

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love the whole outfit especially the clutch and shoes. and no those jeans do not make you look fat. lol.

Deine kleine Schwester said...

Hi there,
your outfit is just gorgeous! I've recognized the shoes first: Stella's :) Just amazing! Love your blog! Will visit again.
Happy weekend!! Sofie (

diane said...

I can't believe you got that necklace in F21! It's great.
Save your jeans for slumping around the house on Sunday mornings. They look mighty comfy. xo

xtinagirl said...

I adore your necklace! It's so chunky :]


Nadja said...

The jacket and your jewelry are lovely!! Great outfit.

Damsels said...

love the length of those jeans they look a little Boyfriendish .
and love that fv21 necklace . i need one like that

theTrendyDwarf said...

Love the ensemble! The idea of wearing a skinny belt over the blazer is super cool! The clutch is really beautiful along with your blouse!
check out my trendy blog!

Hanako66 said...

what?! that blazer is fabulous and you do not look fat, you look amazing:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear,

Loving this whole outfit. The necklace is really great! and the Stella are gorgeous...I have the black ones with the lucite which are ultra chic as well and I haven't seen anyone with them. Check my blog to see them. I wish I had found them in the nude color you got yours! I hope you wearing them to death as they are so comfortable and so edgy.

Kisses from NYC.

Vintage Me New You said...
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Vintage Me New You said...

Hello dear,how are you?I would have loved to meet you if I was there, but I am in France, don't really know when I will go back!So nice of you to invite me:)
And about the shoes, they are comfortable, although they have almost 14 cm;))
I wish you all the best and only happiness with those you love!


nookie said...

Ok so the don't make you look fat,I just think that they are bigger than your size...:-??
Also,love the blazer and Stella sandals,gorgeous!

carola said...

the blazer is totally awesome! the jeans don't quite work for me in this outfit, not because they make you look fat ('cause they deff. dont :), but I would have chosen some darker denim, but it's just my view :)

God Made Me fuNky said...

Fab blazer and i love the necklace...

PUNKIE said...

another great look! :D

Luciana said...

loved everything, but this necklace is perfect!