Sunday, May 16, 2010

I heart star prints!

Wearing: BCBG Max Azria blazer, skirt from Tokyo,Japan,Mulberry Bayswater Bag,Vintage hat,Ray-Ban sunglasses, Target scarf and pumps, Hue tights

Since I opened the comment debate I went back and forth whether I should close the section or not. In the end I decided to leave them on... the reason for that is because of a couple of you out there that really do give me insightful feedback and I truly value your opinion.
You guys are the reason why I brought back the comments a few months ago. I really wanted to give you an easier access to getting in touch with me when you wanted to tell me something.

I just don't agree with the whole returning comments game. You shouldn't feel obligated to say something to someone if you have nothing to say.
Some of you think that there is nothing fake with one liners but I think that if you really want to proclaim your love for an outfit, you will put a lot more effort in than just 2-3 words.If that's all you have time for then don't worry about it. I don't get upset that you didn't have time to tell me anything.

Anyways the idea is this: You can all write whatever you want in the comment section but at the end of the day if the only reason you commented was for self-promotion,you wont get a visit from me. Also don't get discouraged if I don't comment to each and every post. If I follow your blog, it means I like it and I read it. I just have nothing to tell you. It's the nature of the content of style blogs itself that just don't always allow one to form an opinion.


rachaelkrystina said...

Love the hat and what brand is that yellow nail polish? I have a hard time finding a nice shade of yellow.

Anonymous said...

I really like how you mixed starts of two different sizes, and the plum lining of the blazer adds a little unexpected touch.

Dusk said...

I absolutely agree with your stance on commenting.

I actually started out with a No Comment policy. I don't need comments to validate my sense of style or let me know I look good. Approval is not what I started blogging for. A lot of style bloggers aren't seeking valiidation nor approval. We seek an audience!!

I opened my comments section at the request of bloggers who had made the effort to regularly email me and also because I started getting interesting emails from women my age (40 and seemingly in the blogging minority) and without divulging the reasons why, this made me rethink my stance so I opened my comments.

I guess the self-promotion thing you refer to is the leaving of the blog address at the end of the comment?
I do this yes, but not as self promotion so much as an invitation. You're free to choose.
Of course we all hope that people find the comment maker interesting enough to visit the comment makers blog!
...but I never leave comments for the sake of it. I comment and compliment what I find worthy of complimenting. And I do get annoyed by the obligation "nice pics" "thanks for your comment on my blog" etc empty compliment comments. So much so I have made a point of that in my comments leaving note.

So I completely understand your point of view.

This is an adorable outfit by the way. I do enjoy the whimsy of the star print!

Dusk said...
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Alice in vintageland said...

I bet you do: being a star yourself:))). I’m crazy about your nail polish as you know I love painting my nail. Love the two stars prints in different sizes, they look really good…and the hat is really special and suits you great. Kisses:)

nicole said...

I love your star-printed scarf and skirt, it adds that perfect accent of contrast against your mostly black ensemble. I also like the red lining of your blazer when you roll up your cuffs - great attention to detail!

Thanks for your lovely and heartfelt comment Mina - it's good to know I'm not the only one who feels this way about comments and comment reciprocation. One liners really are shameless self-promotion. They come off as very insincere and frankly are a waste of time.

You're so cute Mina! Trying to picture you running to the nearest Zara made me smile. I had no idea I could ever have the slightest bit of influence like that but it's always good to know. I know what you mean, Vancouver is a small city despite how many people live here and yet we have never met. Hopefully we can change that in the future. I know Raul of Hummingbird604 was thinking of doing a fashion blogger's tweetup/meetup, so if I hear anything more about that, I'll be sure to let you know!

Take care xoxo

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

This is really one of my favourite outfits of yours, really well put together, you're created a great shape! And the hat does look so cute on you.

p.s. agree on you stand on the comments section, glad you've made a decision :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

hey! so i've been following you for a while, but i've been really busy lately and just got around to reading your "comments/no comments" debate.

i'm glad you decided to keep the comments. if you want to get rid of comments because of those "cute pics" comments then you might as well go all the way and get rid of the followers function as well. if you want to just blog about fashion without the input of others then that would be the best way to do it.

but if you keep the comments (as you are) then you must succumb to the fact that some people will write those short, yet sweet comments that you dread. maybe it's because they want you to go to their blog--maybe they don't know what else to say--or maybe that's how they truly feel about your post. i say, if the person seems to be an avid follower of your blog and they comment on posts then they obviously have genuine feelings for your blog. i have many blogs that i follow and i make an effort to comment on them and actually read their posts. and with all that, it takes a lot of effort to even write: "great post. i love what you did here" so i wouldn't write off all those comments.

on my blog, i try to ask a question at the end of my posts to give the readers something to write/answer along with their opinion of the post--but that's because i truly enjoy getting comments!

and if the comments won't change your style then it shouldn't matter either way. with that said, i do adore how your dress matches your scarf, and the Corina Vladescu skirt from a prior post is beautiful. i want it! and your photos always look so professional. :)

Ana said...

Mina this might be my fav post from your last ones, the skirt is just magical:)

You always look so polished and stylish:)

Have a wonderful weekend

Insomnia said...

Glad they're still on! I do get annoyed too, but that's just the way it goes, I guess.
As for the stars, such a coincidence of me wearing my star dress too. I just have seen your post today. I hope you're not too upset with it...
Maybe you can try to find it on ebay?