Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My latest favorite things

I'm in love with my new Mulberry bag. No job to carry it to but plenty of chic downtown streets.

I also love the idea of small straw hats for summer. Not the big floppy ones but a little one.

Oh and look what I found on my last thrifting spree? Oscar de la Renta silk scarf. From the care tag on it I would say it dates back to the 70's.

And lastly a chiffon vintage blouse with lots and lots of ruffles.

P.S. I'm starting to doubt if it was a good idea to bring back the comments section. By now you have probably realized how much I detest comments on style blogs. Why do you need so many people telling you the same thing? For validation purposes? I really don't think there is much feedback to be given on a style blog except for the usual fake " cool hat! love the bag! Amazing!" Spare me please! I mean really on a style blog your content should remain the same whether people like it or not.So I wanna open this post to a little debate on why you think comments are good or NOT on style blogs. What's their purpose? How do they help the blogger in future posts? Do we really need so many people telling us the exact same thing( 90% of comments on blogs are a variation of the same bullshit everybody feeds you.)


MrJeffery said...

the blouse looks so cool!

Emma Jade said...

ohmygosh! That bag is beyond beautiful!

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

Well, of course I'm going to say that I love the items, because they do are fab. Yet regarding the comments sections, it is really up to you, you should have a blog that lets you express yourself in any way you want to, and that consequently makes you happy. My opinion on comments, is that you should keep them. I think that the good, helpful, supporting ones do make up for the plain, "follow me! ones. Nici o padure fara uscaciuni ;) But again, it's really up to you, do a pros and cons, usually does the trick for me.

Hera Baroque said...

Love the bag and the scarf! Gorgeous!

nicole said...

Your new Mulberry bag is to die for! great job on the thrifting too, the Oscar de la Renta scarf is beautiful, as is your chiffon blouse. In regards to whether you should keep or do away with your comments, at the end of the day, it's your choice. I know what you mean about the superficial bullshit comments like, "I love it!" that really don't hold much meaning or purpose, but sometimes you can get some decent feedback. I know some bloggers who have disabled their comments because regardless of what other people say, they don't care because they're just going to keep doing what they love, blog about fashion, their individual sense of style, and not for anyone else, but for themselves. I admire that, so whatever you choose, I understand. You have an amazing sense of style and I love reading your posts and as one of your readers, sometimes it is nice to be able to tell you how much I love what you're wearing or how you styled an outfit. I've often considered disabling comments on my blog too.

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Good question.
Personally, everytime I get a new comment, a jolt of happiness surges through. But perhaps I'm biased, 'cause I'm a relatively new and unknown blogger.
Another thing is, my blog isn't SOLELY a style perhaps that is another reason why I like to have comments around.

But I totally get you! Those "cute look xoxo" comments are EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

Your blog, I follow with bloglovin' I'll keep reading it whether you disable comments or not. 'CAUSE YOU GOTS SOME AMAZING STYLE, GIRRRRRRRL.

And all that being said, I must say...that bag is making my stomach whirl! (that means I like it)


cute blog!
I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

Yellow n Pink Creations said...

I just recently found about 5 WONDERFUL vintage chiffon blouses like your ruffle one all slightly different and they are the bees knees.. I love those kinds of finds!

keep the comments how else will I be able to share my love of things similar with you?? ;)

Lucy said...

Gorgeous pieces.. I love the bag.

Zoe said...

I totally love that you brought this up. I too have pondered the same thing. Sometimes when I do several posts in row I almost feel a little self-centered. I like it when my posts, as well as other peoples' posts, are connected more to fashion as a whole instead of just one person's outfit.
And not to add to the whole fakey comment thing, but I do really love your bag. Mulberry bags seem like great investment pieces-- I'd love to own one some day. Enjoy it! It reminds me a lot of Alexa Chung.

Thanks for your lovely comment, and I love your blog as well!

A dreamer. said...

Now, with many oppinions, I know you can choose the right way and you'll feel in peace with ur self.
About the breakfast, you're very welcome! I really do need new beautiful people around me, since the last few years have become more anti-social like.
sounds creepy, but it is. the word "friends" doesn't exists anymore in my life and it isn't because of me.
I guess that's why most of the people call me wierd or know I'm lonely.
Anyway, thank you for asking and I hope you won't swear me for my story here or being too honest :p
Many people think that's a weakness.

A dreamer. said...

PS: I've writen this comment and re-re-re-writen it until I'm sick, don't know how I've always managed to close the comment box or delete some words :).

her waise choice said...

That blouse reminds me of Valentino SS 10! You have such a fun personal style full of unique pieces which is so hard to find in Vancouver!

As for the comments issue, I'm quite new to the blogging world having only joined blogspot in January, but I completely know what you mean in terms of people saying the same thing. I think that most of the time, people are posting comments in attempt to up their own comment count. I must admit that when I receive such comments, it does give me a little boost of happiness but in the long run it doesn't do much for blog feedback. I'd much prefer a comment that is more personal with genuine interest. That being said, sometimes it is all that I want to say to someone and I don't think that everyone who comments with those variations of messages are fake or have ulterior motives.

Damsels said...

i really dont think theres an reason not to have comment section sure everyone says the same thing .. but its usually because people like the same things sometimes .. whats wrong with that ?

if i want to tell someone i like their shoes but someone has already said it should i just not say it then?
i think people love to give their opinions and thats why people love blogs .. no comments takes alot from the experience .

AM in love with that bag ! dont care how many people think the same thing i love it anyway

nookie said...

Mina, for your own good next time you come in ro don't bring the bag..or the scarf or the chiffon blouse!

on the comment thingy, maybe they don't know what to say..
sometimes I leave those kind of comments simply because I don't have anything else to say, the outfit is ok and I wouldn't change it...
I have problems with the ones who don't read what I write and still comment, in a certain post I was ranting about how ugly is the collection and left "love it too"

Anonymous said...

Lovely bag !!!! and what a pretty scarf!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how is it fake to make short comments on what you're wearing? That's sort of an insult to some of your readers. Get over yourself.

angie said...

I guess I don't see why you bothered to open your comments section if only to say why you don't like the any event, I see nothing phony about your readers giving you a thumbs up on your looks...that is an outlet and way of expression for us....hardly fake.

So here goes....Love the bag, love the hat...amazing.

Insomnia said...

You did the right thing by buying it. Such a bag is really an investment and a classic model will never go out of style.
About the comment issue... I feel you there, I wish more people would post something different. I always try to personalize it somehow. I'm never going to lie about something too, if I don't like it.
But I felt kind of limited in the blog experience when your comments were off. Kind of like the circle was not complete or something :)
But it's completely up to you off course.
Me on other hand, as I've been around for a year and a half, but still don't have that many followers or readers. I can use the extra comment attention.

Hope you keep them, darling.

carola said...

well... i'm not the best commenter around. i comment rarely, partly because the lack of time, partly because i don't feel like saying too much too often. i don't see the comments as a commercial exchange (you comment me, i comment you, i dislike this, even if i know that's how the things are working around blogosphere, on too many cases). if there is something that attracts my attention, what i like or dislike, there is a chance i will say it, but i read most of my fash/style blogs through reader, which adds additional laziness to commenting :))
Now, should you or should you not.. tough one and only you have the answer :) personally, i prefer to have this possibility, the blog looks friendlier and more approachable, if you like.

Little Miss Lee said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I use my comments section as a way to find new blogs (as I did yours!) and also it is nice to see a fraction of those that are reading. But I do see your point as comments not being as sincere as the could be. It is a little like validation, so I debate both ways..

But comments brought me to you! :)

Alice in vintageland said...

You already know I'm pro comments no matter their length. The thing is a blog without comments section seems a little bit sad and sometimes people really just want to say something to you and don't see the email option so they come in handy. Also you can choose to ignore the self promotion comments, not to delete them but just consider they don't exist. :))))).

Tanvi said...

I have been in love with this bag FOREVER! ... Looks fab! Congrats on acquiring it ;)