Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Open for Honest Criticism

Well I had another post in mind for tonight but due to first of all lack of time and second some pressing matters on my mind I have to open today's post to extreme harsh and honest criticism.

For months and months, I have been told to rethink about "rebranding" the blog. I've put it off for too long and it now needs to be done.

 So I ask you now for honest feedback on what I do well and what I do bad. 
I need to know what you enjoy currently about my blog and what you think needs improvement. 
What do you want to continue seeing?
What do you want to start seeing?
I'm interested in feedback not only on content ( picture quality, posing, backgrounds, styling, concept, writing) but also on blog layout and ease of navigation. 
What else do you think I should venture into beside the things you have already seen? 
Or let's put it differently! 
What are my top 3 problems/weaknesses?

In order for this to be truly beneficial it is very important that you do not perceive this as a cheap ploy to see who my haters are or that my opinion of you will be negatively affected. 
That's why I personally ask that all of you answer this question in anonymous format. 
Without this fear, an honest discussion can actually take place, one that will not only benefit me but you as well.


Anonymous said...

I think the only thing you should work on is the layout.

sacramento said...

1.-You format is perfect. why change something that works???
2.- What I like the most are your outfit posts, perphaps not so many pics and more close up to details.
3.- Do not forget to comment back.
Blogging is a two way road.
Have a good day my friend.

Alice said...

I think that this blog represent you and I think that if you will change than yes, you should change your blog style too. Maybe your layout should be more colorful, like you.
As to the rest, everything is ok Mina.
Kisses <3

Anonymous said...

I like your blog as it is! :D

SOFIA said...


Anonymous said...

I think you use photoshop on your face too much. It looks unatural.
And you should smile more often :)

LA said...

I think you have a nice blog, high quality pics, good writtings, the stuff is great. Maybe I would change the header, the rest is good. That's my opinion. I don't matter show my face :)


Anaivilo said...

OMG Mina, I don't know who told you o change anything, but I think they're crazy. I loved everything from the beggining! You really are a inspiration for me so sorry, I will tell NOT to change anything. Your blog should represent you as you are, and post whatever feels right for you.

Special K said...

The only thing hat I don't particularly like is the doesn't reflect ur personality, style. That's my opinion, anyway :P Other than that, your posts are amazing :P kisses!:*

Sara said...

I love your blog, I wouldn't change anything, I love the outfit posts and the simple design of the blog. If you really fell the need to change something than a new banner would be nice, just because of the novelty element (I like this just fine too).:)))

Kimberlee said...

Aw I'm sorry if people have been rude about your blog, it is one of my favorites. I like the one person's idea about close-ups of the details. I love your style and outfits so would love to see the rings you are wearing, etc. I would love it if you were on Twitter! said...

I like your content. I would like to see your individual style. The layout seems fine to me. I wouldn't change a thing. have a good weekend.

Prity said...

Good things first:
1) your pics are gr888 .. kudos to the photographer!
2) I love your dressing combos!
3) timely posts!

Things to change:
1) definitely format needs change; u can give little more professional look to it!

DailyDreamDecor said...

I didn't comment before on this post because I liked how the blog looked but I do love the change, the post borders look great!

nookie said...

mda, am comentat cu ddd, nu-l mai sterg, you know who that is;;)

nookie said...

aww, and I don't think lots of color is the best choice because it wouldn't be a contrast with outfit posts

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog just the way it is mainly. I love that you don't generally have random, no picture posts like many other bloggers.
The only thing I would love to see more of is your everyday style, or is this it??
I remember ages ago you posted a few pics of your holiday I think, and you were in a casual pair of shorts and a v-neck tshirt - I saved it into my inspiration folder on my computer!
But I love your dress up photoshoots.
Maybe the only suggestion I could make is give the template a new look.. otherwise I love your blog.. just I'd love to see a few more casual looks aswel!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't use photoshop to change yourself..

Anonymous said...

the header could be better :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

so i'm way late on this. but i honestly love your blog! sometimes the photos are very big and it takes some time to load, but i like the big photos--more detail.

i see you have changed your layout. i like both the old one and this new one!

Anonymous said...

Your legs are glorious. We want more leg shots!

Anonymous said...

No offense, I agree with the airbrushing using Photoshop. You are still young so you don't need it and it over done. Really only professional that retouch pictures for a living know how to use that tool properly so the subject still looks real and natural. I say just take your picture as it, I think your reader will appreciate the realness of your pictures and will be able to relate to you better. Other then that great blog!

Victoria said...

You took my breath away. You look stunning.