Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Japan Day 13 : Tokyo Attractions in Pictures

Tokyo Tower
Meiji Shrine
Akasaka Guest House
The Imperial Palace
Japanese Style Lunch
Sumida River Cruise
Edo Dori (Dori=Street)
Asakusa Kannon Temple
Edo-Tokyo Museum
Our Tokyo Residence: Shinjuku
shop Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku


Andreea said...

Ah, your photos make me jealous:P Wish i were there.
Anyway, about your trip to Romania...Sweetie, i'm out of Bucharest since the begining of June but, if by any chance i'll be there next week, i'll definitely let you know! How long are you staying?


Special K said...

So beautiful...♥

modniza said...

impresionant! pup

Anonymous said...

that food must be... a real experience :) I'd love to see what the "real thing" tastes like *drool*

Anaivilo said...

Gorgeous! I love that gate so much and the tower is super impressive :D

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Looks so amazing! Lucky you!

Fashion Fractions

Isabella Éclairés Rakonić said...

I love the photos on your blog!

follow each other? ;)


Leonie said...

Great pictures again! Especially love the Imperial Palace one.


Anda Zelenca said...


Cee said...

I love the contrasts in these photos- modern buildings and beautiful pieces of history standing right next to each other. The gates of Akasaka Guest House are my favourite, though; I'd like to put a pair like that outside of my hypothetical palace :)

Ana said...

so so so beautiful!!

VertAnge said...

Wonderful pictures! I want to go to Tokyo! :)

Gabriela Ciobanu said...

I hope that you enjoyed your lovely trip and you'll enjoy Romania, too! I'm staying in Bucharest until next week, then I'm back to Tulcea! Let me know when you're coming! It would be a great pleasure to meet you in person:)

Pop Champagne said...

ohh love these pictures, when I went to Tokyo I was 12 so I don't remember much, but I'd love to go again!

De Vero said...

I looks like a farytale! I like all the pictures in your posts from your trip! Thanks for sharing


lisa said...

Amazing photos Mina! Hope you're having a blast.

colorsdiary said...

it looks very interesting, traditional and modern at the same time.


Rocs said...

They are sooo gorgeous and I soo envy you! :)) Take the best out of it (though I'm sure that's exactly what you're doing!)