Thursday, July 7, 2011

Japan Day 14: Harajuku

"Wa mono - there's me, there's you (hoko-ten)
In a pedestrian paradise
Where the catwalk got its claws (meow)
A subculture in a kaleidoscope of fashion
Prowl the streets of Harajuku (irasshaimase)

Super lovers, tell me where you got yours
(at the super lovers store)
Yoji Yamamoto, I'm hanging with the locals
Where the catwalk got its claws, all you fashion know-it-alls
With your underground malls in the world of Harajuku
Putting on a show, when you dress up in your clothes
Wild hair color and cell phones
Your accessories are dead on

Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style
I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan
Harajuku girls, I'm looking at you girls
You're so original girls
You got the look that makes you stand out
Harajuku Girls, I'm looking at you girls
You mix and match it girls
You dress so fly and just parade around (arigato)"

I had the pleasure of spending almost a whole day in Harajuku or more specifically Takeshita Dori, where the cute Lolita girls parade the streets in their amazing frocks. We visited one of these stores and although not really my style, I had a blast helping  one of the girls in my group choose the most kawaii outfit! 
Still I managed to find quite a lot of interesting things that are totally ME, that I will debut soon on the blog. I must say that shopping in Harajuku is extremely inexpensive as long as you don't venture into the Lolita zone!
Snapping pictures of the passerby was harder than imagined though. A lot of them refused or even covered their faces when seeing the camera turn towards them. A few candid shots I did manage though.

kawaii bathroom signs in one of the malls in Harajuku


Cee said...

Harajuku style is such an unusual phenomenon, but it must have been fascinating to see and experience in person! After all of those frills and bows, though, you look like a breath of fresh air in your simple red and white ensemble :)

Rinz said...

Love The pictures :)

Anonymous said...

going there was a must! the pics look great and I'm sure it was a once in a lifetime experience!

Rocs said...

lovely photos!!!

Sara said...
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Alice in vintageland said...

Amazing photos and you're so cute!:) I can't wait for you to tell me everything face to face! I can't believe we're gonna see each other in a couple of days! I'm so happy!:)Kisses:)

Ana said...

really cute! love the colors of your outfit!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Such a Japanese peppermint lollipop cutie you are!!! Always so inventive and playful with your fashion adventures... I just can't get enough!

I'll be moving to Canada later this year - maybe one day we could even meet! I'd love that, really:)

VertAnge said...

This sounds like an amazing experience!

Anaivilo said...

Harajuku, so wonderful! I am dying yo go there and snap a few pictures of those girls. They have such a crazy style :D

L said...

I think Gwen Stefani summed the style of perfectly in her song. Great post and fascinating culture.

colorsdiary said...

that is very lovely :)

i was curious to see harajuku girls in the street

Cara said...

So cool that you got to experience this, I love the shot of the girl in the fabulous pink and blue dress...looks like so much fun!
xo Cara