Monday, March 22, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Part I

Wearing: Corina Vladescu Spring 09 dress, American Apparel tights, Aldo shoes, Dulapul Bunicii headband

Finally I was able to do my little Alice shoot. I got to see the movie just in time because Saturday we experienced lovely warm weather. I loved every bit of Tim Burton's version of Alice. Less randomness than the animated version and a great story plot in my opinion. Oh and to make this whole thing even special guess who I saw in line ( right in front of me) at my local grocery store on Thursday moning? None other than Johnny Depp himself buying a Marsbar. I contained myself from not jumping on him and just kept smirking stupidly at him evertime he looked at me. I wanted to tell him how I was planning on seeing him in Alice the following night but was just too shy to do it.

Anyways this is the first part of my shoot. It will come in 3 parts as there are 3 different outfits. Enjoy!

P.S. A couple of you have expressed the need to have the comment section back. So finally after only 3 months I give in and bring it back. But I will not be replying to fake one liners such as " cute dress!". I hate this whole "I leave you a comment, you leave me a comment" game. If you actually have something to say, say it! If not DON'T! I will only visit blogs that in my opinion have left me genuine comments! Criticism is allowed in a NICE way plss!


Sarah said...

cool pictures!!

Cookies said...

Thank you so much ! And I LOVE this pictures ! How COOL they are ! You're wonderful (that's the word !) on it ! <3

nookie said...

when did you bought the dress?the shoot is fantastic,like omg you really had an outdoor tea party:)
can't wait to see more

nu era sectiunea de comentarii mai devreme si d'aia am scris pe facebook:)

elena said...

OMG!! love it!

gant shorts said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures! Love the outfit!

Alice in vintageland said...

Yeey! I'm very glad the comments are back so I can say you look very, very cute. Love the color of the dress on you (the lace details are wonderful) and I think those tights you're wearing are magic! I can't believe you actually saw Johnny Deep, WOW - I'm not easily
star strucked but...JD!!!! This photoshoot is even more awesome than your other pictures!:)
Haven't seen Alice yet but I plan to go very soon with Denisa and Ioana (the gang is not complete without you thou)!:)Kisses

Krimly said...

woww I really like how you did all the scenery!! Are all that things yours?? Its great to have a big garden and the old table and chairs! It really look like a professional photo shoot! and I like the colours of your clothes so much! not just because pastel colours are really fashionable this season, but because it make the outfit very romantic and I think it is perfect for Alice in wonderland! Well done!

P.S. I like what you said in your last paragraph, I hated those kind of comments before, but later I realized some times we don't have enough time to write and we just want to say we were visiting your blog and I liked your dress! (what I really don't like is when they say we have to comment back!! I like people just comment me because they want it!!)

P.S.2. I am not English speaker and I am afraid not being understood sometimes!! ;P

lov from Spain!

Lily Zemuner said...

Comments are back!!! \o/

Miss you so much, Mina!
This Alice shoot is really fabulous, you look so absolutely amazing.


Anna said...

you are so right. I hate comments like "cute dress!" and how you said the game with comments. I comment if I really have something to say and if I really like an outfit or whatever the post is about. I am so amazed about your scenery, feels like you are really in wonderland. Beautiful dress, love the colour, and it goes so well with everything. Can`t wait for the other outfits.

Yellow n Pink Creations said...

adorable indeed love the way these turned out and all the different pieces of your outfit! excited to see the rest!

Ana said...

wooowww Mina you look great (btw I really love your name:)) the photo shoot is great and you look so Alice, I love the trend:). You should post it to lookbook or chictopia:)
P.S. Look I learned to do this ....<3 :)))

Ana said...


Ana said...

uufff it was supposed to be a heart:(( I'm shit at this:)

thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

OMG I love love love these pictures and the tights are so cute! :)

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

Mina!!! :D so happy I can state an opinion :D Love the setting and the detail pictures are awesome. The 6th one is just great, love your facial expression in it, the expression is actually more Queen of Hearts, but looks great! xx

Insomnia said...

I'm soooo glad the comments are back, I missed it so much. I even wanted to send you a mail in the past months, but was so busy with my studies.
The shoot is really cool, really like the setting! I'm dying to have an Alice shoot too ^^ Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.



coy colleen said...

this is so cute! i love the tights, i just got nostalgic for my childhood :)

and oh. my. GOD. you should've taken a picture with him!

glad i found your blog!

Inside La VIIIยช´s Closet said...

nice pictures!!! magic!

Kayla said...

these are so magical, you have unbelievabal creativity and style! you are such an inspiration!
come follow my blog :)