Saturday, June 25, 2011

Japan Day 7: Nara

the famous Nara dears always greet their guests especially when they carry food
 I was long awaiting my visiting to beautiful Nara, the old capital of Japan (710-794 AD) yet we were extremely unlucky as our visit was ruined by heavy rain for almost the whole day. That's what you get for visiting Japan during the rainy season. For those of you considering a visit, the best time is April when the cherry blossoms are out!

We visited Todai-Ji Temple where the chief object of worship is the Vairocana Buddha ( "Buddha that shines throughout the world like sun"), a magnificent bronzed cast statue, plated in gold.

Shinto Shrines! Can you see the differences by now between Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples? I took me a while to observe the differences!
 We stopped for lunch at the famous Nara Hotel for a traditional Japanese lunch.

Nara Hotel

Horyungi was also part of our visit which is Japan's first world cultural heritage which  houses the world's oldest wooden structures, conveying images of Japan as it existed more than 1300 years ago during the Asuka Period.

I must actually confess that I'm definitely not in Day 7 and I have actually departed Kyoto. Yet as our visit consists of a lot of temples, shrines, castles and palaces which start to look the same after a while, I will spare you the details. Yet I still have 2 more posts from Kyoto before discussing with you Hiroshima where I'm currently at!


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What an exciting trip you had. :) Love all the photos.

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Wow, these photos are amazing! What a great trip!!

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Oh my, I'm so enjoying this travel diary! Amazing images! :)