Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 years with Dries Van Noten

On Sunday, George and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. I took this occasion to wear my new Dries.

What I love most about Dries shoes is the Talon Heel.

I mean normally I would have worn the Stella's with this dress but I just had to find some way to incorporate them in this outfit. I actually was reluctant to post these pics. I don't think they turned too great but it seems a lot of you couldn't wait to see the new shoes and also there were a couple of you who did not read my posts well and though that the Givenchy's were the Dries. Very bad readers!... and then you wonder why I get annoyed by " fake" comments!

'I'm also wearing a Go International Target dress and vintage belt with clutch ( not bought together)

We went to Kobe which normally you wouldn't think it would be a great place for an anniversary since it has those teppanyaki tables that you share with fellow strangers. I was reluctant at first about the idea but glad i tried it. It was one of the most entertaining anniversaries ever. The show the cooks put on for you is just amazing. We were definitely not the only couple celebrating an anniversary.Our fellow table neighbors were also a young fun couple celebrating their third anniversary. We hit it off so well with them. I guess that's the whole point of the shared tables. Meet new people and venture out of your comfort zone. Overall a great new experience that I definitely will remember!

P.S. The lovely Krimly was sweet enough to add Faboulista to her top 10 blogs feature post. Check out My Cherry Gum to see it, along with the other amazing blogs!


libys11 said...

really pretty overall!! that dress is so feminine and those heels are gorgeous!! :D

Animated Confessions

nookie said...

I think it's my fav outfit of yours!
The Dries are gorgeous, love the straps they and the color but I don't understand why the heel is called a talon heel?! I know about talon necklaces...ohh well:)
And the dress, it's fantastic and feminine with those ruffles and you incorporated the shoes&clutch perfect!!
aww and love the nail polish too!!
aww and happy anniversary!

ps: those kind of comments are starting to annoy me too...

ioana said...

Happy anniversary!
I just looove the dress! It's gorgeous! And i like the shoes too! :)
have a great day!

XO, Ioana

Erica said...

That clutch is the perfect color to go with those shoes! Seriously, I couldn't have done better if I tried.

Seeing these amazing shoes on you make me ache to go looking for a good outlet mall near me, so I too can get amazing deals on amazing shoes.

I've gone to a restaurant similar to the one you're describing, only I went with my whole family and we took up a whole table. I stupidly put my hand on the griddle/grill and burned myself >_<

Classy and Delicious

Anonymous said...

Happy aniversary!

Also I really love the outfit, especially the dress.

Ferferi in Paris said...

Hi beautiful!
I am a neew fan of yours, I added you on my Bloglovin a couple of days ago to keep an eye on your posts and now that I've seen some I just love it! Count me in, I will gladly follow you. And love your outfit here. I have a similar purse and a top in the same model as the dress and you just gave me a lot of inspiration, thanks!
Have a good day and I will be checking back again as soon as I see you on my Bloglovin again!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!! P.S.: That clutch is seriously amazing!


Shamini said...

oh! first of all, happy anniversary to both of you!
Happy that you had a great time!
2ndly, i loove your shoes!
and 3rdly, you look real gorgeous in that dress! wow! so breezy and glam! i love floating fabrics and sometimes they do appear too boho-like for "formal" occasions. But this one is perfect!!
you rock!
(love your clutch!!!)

Tanvi said...

I love your dress. The green is a great choice of color. It Pops :) P.S. And Belated Happy Anniversary!

Brittany & Cassie said...

yep! I found your blog on the list of "heart blogs" and it's great! congratulations!

Cassie <3

Inge said...

Congratulations! On both the 5 years and the outfit! And the choice of restaurant,...I love live cooking!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Congratulations you, gorgeous dear! Me and hubby will soon be rocking our 2nd anniversary... Lots of good memories, huh.

I love the dress. The hue and the ruffles just really please my fashion taste. The way you accessorized it with the belt, and bien sûr those killer shoes, is just pure talent. This you have!

Thank you for your kind words. This means so much to me... especially at this time! I haven't known you for long, but I am eager to find out more about you, your talents and just the sweet person you seem to be. Plus you are Canadian, and hubby and I might be thinking about a move over there...

Hugs from Paris!

Damsels said...

i dont think those look bad at all with the dress/. im glad you chose to wear them together because i think the colors are interesting to pair together

La petite Lou'lou said...

I love your clutch! Is gorgeous!

Insomnia said...

Ow, that clutch makes my heart beat faster!
And big congrats on the anniversary. Me and my bf will celebrate 5 years in january :)

Anonymous said...

I always motivated by you, your opinion and way of thinking, again, thanks for this nice post.

- Thomas