Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trip to Seattle

Saturday I decided to take a short trip to Seattle to check out their sales. Woke up early ( 5:00 AM) to catch the 6:45 Choooo Chooo Train to Seattle.
Seattle is basically the American version of Vancouver. I find the resemblance between these two cities freakishly close. Obviously each country's " culture" adds a bit of touch to it but overall they are very similar.

First up was Barney's.

I almost took these Givenchy's home but in the end I was put off by the trendiness of this shoe and decided against it. I then stopped at Nordtrom where I was lucky to find the last pair of Dries Van Noten at 70% off and lucky me in my size ( or the closest adult size to mine). I finally had my feet measured and guess what? I am actually a 4.5. Which explains why this fall's Pradas in 35 were too big. You have no idea how many times I was directed to the kids section. Its almost getting embarrassing. I wore them today to my anniversary dinner so you will see them in my next post.
I then stopped at Anthropology which has become my favorite new store especially for home decor. You have no idea but I wanted to take half of their kitchen stuff with me home. Lucky for us Vancouverites, the sales girl told me it has been announced we are getting 2 Anthropology stores in January of next year. I saw this dress as soon as I walked in the store and had to take it home with me. I love the strong 50's silhouette from the sweetheart neckline to the swing skirt with crinoline underneath.

Happy me heading back to catch the Chooo Chooo train back to Vancouver!


Denise said...

girl, you def lost some weight an you look so good. Healthy good.

wow those spices! good food. and i love the shoes. Can't wait for you to wear it.

ioana said...

oh i love your dress <3
and your bag is beautiful

XO, Ioana

A dreamer. said...

When I saw the first words I knew I would've wanted to be there, travel along, it would've been so nice!
I know that cute feeling we all have when we return to our safety place called home, knowing we come with goodies to lighten up our hearts a bit, right?
Needless to say I love your bag, your new shoes and that black hat!

a dreamer.

Shamini said...

wow! you're brave to wake up at 5!!
i used to back when i was in my homecountry, but since am over here... am always waking up real late!
And yes that Anthropology dress is awesome!
Eager to see your new shoes!

Tanvi said...

Things we do to shop, huh?! :) I have been to Vancouver but not Seattle yet! ... But they do look similar I think ..

I hope you had a good shopping day out!


amazing style, love the wedges! come follow me xoxo


ps)i linked u to my blog roll! :)

nookie said...

can't wait to see your Dries Van Noten's !!!

Alice in vintageland said...

Oh, this one hits close to home. I miss Seattle so much, I really love this city - it's magical, especially during the summer. That Anthropology dress is gorgeous! I love it so much!

Eszter said...

I know you went there shopping and all...but you already had a beautiful dress on, so I just had to pint that out. Where did you get it from?

Anonymous said...

thos shoes are amazing! and also i really like your outfit, the dress is very cute.

Anonymous said...

very cute shoes:) I bet you had lots of fun...but it's nice to see your great pics.

agnes said...

j'aime beaucoup ta première robe, et les chaussures à talons compensés sont magnifiques

Sjaar said...

To bad you didnt buy the givenchy wedges theire beautiful! You did have a nice day i see good! Nice blog.

Damsels said...

ahh! you have to tell me where that first dress is from ! i want more of that dress

Erica said...

That dress is incredibly flattering on you!

I, too, love Anthro's home decor selection. I plan on getting a couple things from there to decorate my dorm room this year. I get so excited over the bedding and the books that they have for inspiration.

I'd like to go to Vancouver, one day. I've been to Banff, it was very pretty there. I learned how to ski and snowboard (and fall down)

Classy and Delicious

Insomnia said...

Such lovely pictures! Can't wait to see the Dries shoes!
I adore 50s dresses, they make you look elegant 24/7.

Jessica Weingarten said...

Ugh, I am so jealous that you can just hop on a train and go there! haha. Nevertheless, I love those DVN shoes and that Anthropologie dress! We`ve had it here for about a year now and I go at every chance I can, their stuff is divine!!


Krimly said...

love the photos and the longer dress!
I've featured you at my blog! I took some of your photos, hope it is not a problem and you like it! :)


Ana said...

Mina you look just amazing:)
Love your look, the dress is just amazing:)

Have a magical week

LadyZ said...

your blog is amazing! I absolutely love it!!

kaye i. said...

I almost fainted when I read "...we are getting 2 Anthropology stores in January of next year"!!! I hope the prices would be reasonably converted to CDN$ or I'd have to go shop across the border, as usual.