Sunday, July 25, 2010

Questions & Answers

If you have any more of them , feel free to ask away!!!!!!

How did you start your blog?
Before I started my blog I really had no idea how big the fashion blogosphere was. I stumbled upon a style blog that was part personal diary, part fashion journal and I instantly became addicted, About a month into my newest obsession I realized I wanted to give it a try too. Unlike other people who had read tons of blogs before and have heard what they were all about, I absolutely had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that I wanted to share my style with others ( that's the main reason why I started this blog) but it took about a month and half till I got the courage to post outfits.

How do you promote your blog?
hahaha, this one is definitely not for me cause i absolutely don't do anything. But maybe I can suggest creating a facebook page so facebook addicts can get their updates through that.

Who takes your pictures?
My darling boyfriend, George who is passionate about photography. Both our passions ( mine for blogging, his for photography) started about the same time so it worked perfect for both us. He has a constant subject and I have a constant photographer.

What program do you use to edit your pictures?
I use Adobe Photoshop. I mostly use it just to resize pictures and neutralize the colours but I have also become addicted to the blur tool which helps with skin imperfections.

What is your favorite item in your closet?

Hmm, this really changes from season to season depending on my taste levels and moods. Right now I think it's the Corina Vladescu Roisin dress that I am absolutely dying to wear but I have to save it for the occasion I bought it for which is next June.

How big is your closet?
Very small... I cant even begin to tell you. I actually have 3 closets ( all small). One for the current season, one for my off-season and one for items that are worn rarely. Oh and i must tell you , I share half of the space of each of these closets with my bf. When I buy my next home, one of the things that are on the top of my list is BIG WALK-IN CLOSET or a spare room to turn into my fashion oasis.

How do you organize your wardrobe so you know what goes with what?
My closets are a chaos. No, they really are!!!!!!!! They absolutely make no logical sense. I usually spend an hour a week just staring at my closet and preparing upcoming outfits for that week depending on the events or type of activities I will be doing. This is one of the most frustrating parts of getting dressed. Once I do that I arrange all the items of those outfits in my closet starting with the first day and continuing to the last. This type of organization only works if you have a lot of time to just sit and stare and pull your hair out till some genius idea hits you. Sorry if its not practical for the rest of you!

How did you learn how to pair things together?
I have no idea!!!!!! I don't want to saying something cliche like having studied the elements and principles of design has helped me in knowing how to pair things cause its hasn't. at least i don't think so. Its just trough test and try. You have to make a lot of mistakes in order to realize what works for you and what doesn't, how to pair things and so forth. Obviously this means that sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone, try something new and maybe it works wonderfully or maybe it was a horrible idea. The only thing i suggest is stay away from matchy matchy. Don't think does this go with this? just put it together, look in the mirror and then you can truly decide if its such a bad idea or not. The idea is to stay away from combinations that come first thing in your mind. Push yourself for a little more. And for me More is always better. Whoever said simplicity is the key to always looking great probably had no idea how to mix and match creatively.

What pieces do you consider to always be in trend?
I rarely pay attention to trends. If I like it I still wear it even if " whoever" calls it last season. I personally love the gypsy/bohemian looks. I have worn them since I was 15 with the same passion and excitement as I first discovered them. I just identify very much with this style. I think the trick is to find a style that truly suits your personality that comes as naturally as possible. It doesn't matter if its in that season's trends or not. If you identify with it you will look good and people will notice.

How often do you re-wear things?
I don't usually re-wear outfits except for running errands outfits that make me look like a hobo joe. As to specific items I re-wear them depending on my current fixation with that item. If I am in love with it I will most likely feel the need to re-wear it as often as I can. Usually I would say 2-3 weeks on average for most things.

How often do you get rid of clothes?
Lately not that often. I mean I just transfer them to my closet at my parents house. I am slowly turning into a hoarder. I have this huge obsession lately that I want to pass to my daughter a beautiful closet of special clothes that she can wear them as vintage when she grows up hence why I am becoming a hoarder. My biggest fear is that I will only have boys or that my girl will be a tomboy.

What is the one item in your closet that you will never give up no matter what?
I don't think I can say any one item. I don't know I usually don't get attached to clothes in that sense that I could say that I could never ever rid of it. Although there are a lot of special pieces that I have, I would have no problem giving it to the right person like I previously said a future daughter.

How often do you go shopping and what stores do you prefer?
On average I would say I go every week. If i skip a week then usually I go psycho on the next shopping trip. As to stores, I have realized I have a huge addiction to H&M. I don't think I have ever entered that store without buying something. Case in point, this weekend, I went there to shop for my bf and as I was waiting for him in the changing room I saw some girl give back these shorts that I just had to have. Other than this, American Apparel and Target also dominate my closet.

What do you think about other fashion bloggers? Do they inspire you?
Yes!!!!!!! Style bloggers are my major source of inspiration. I love Sea of Shoes, The Cherry Blossom Girl and Miss Pandora.

What do you think about Romanian fashion bloggers?
I love them. They keep me in touch with my home country. It let's me find out what's new and how girls dress there. I would personally just love to see more style blogs coming from Romania. High Street Cardigans and Fashezine are great... but they are both fairly new. I think there is a strong niche here and I'm sure a lot of other girls would die to see what fellow Romanian fashionistas have in their closet. I also adore buying the most amazing accessories from Dulapul Bunicii while I choose Fashion in my eyes as my main source of information.

Which celebrities do you consider fashion icons?

I'm actually not really interested in celebrities. Most of them have stylists so their looks are not really their own. They just don't arouse any interest whatsoever.

What fashion magazines do you read?

I only read Vogue US and Vogue Paris which I have started only lately to get my hands on. I am thinking of starting on Vogue Nippon as well but the hefty price usually puts me off.

Can you give any advice( what to do / what not do do) to new fashion bloggers that want to promote it /make it better?

1. Visit other blogs and leave comments
2. But only write genuine comments. No fakeys. Don't write one liners. Waste of time. Try to write meaningful feedback.
3. If you dont like the look but feel the need to comment,DON'T. Not saying anything is better than lying.
4.Although this comes with a big price tag, invest in your camera. Picture quality is essential.
5.Sometimes, you can cheat a bad picture with great editing skills. Spend as much of your free time as you can playing in photoshop with all the different tools. Google some tutorials and try different effects on your pictures. ( this is probably the most important tip I can give you)
6.Nobody has the time to read your most inner troubled thoughts in some bullshit poetic format. Keep those for your private diary or if you really are some sensational poet start a poetry blog.
7.Keep the writing to a minimum. ( I'm definitely not following this rule right now)
8.Don't write product reviews unless you masterfully know how to disguise them into your day to day posting that people expect from you. Definitely don't do this at the beginning of your blog. It's the first way to put people off from coming back.I sure don't like visiting blogs that all they do is advertise.


nookie said...

ohh Mina, you make me blush!thank you dear;;)
I have the same problem with closet space, I only have one closet though..aww and two drawers, my biggest problem is with my bags, I have no space for them..I recently got into Parfois, I'm telling it's evil and I had the urge to buy at least 3 bags...
before I started blogging I read only one blog too:))
aww, and I can't believe you are waiting for that long to wear the Roisin dress, I couldn't...

nookie said...

I would wear it buy another one next june:)):))

Oana R said...

'He has a constant subject and I have a constant photographer.' And you spend more time together. :)
I like Pandora too.Even the blog title.She must like history and art.
'I rarely pay attention to trends.'-you can't dress by the trend and be original.Who wants to see 10000 girls ore more dressed the same?
I like you even more. :)

Ferferi in Paris/Gothenburg said...

I totally agree with most of the things you say actually. Bu I especially liked the thing you said about pairing outfits ' to stay away from combinations that come first in your mind'. For me it's the same but because it's the other way around. I need to push myself to think more simple! I mix a lot. And too much sometimes maybe! I try to keep it low but I am terribly bad at that sometimes. I love glamour and glitter and need it to be part of my life, constantly! Interesting answers however, thanks a lot for this post darling!

ioana said...

so happy to see my questions here :D thanks!
and i have to do a great job with this blog! :)

Erica said...

You always continue to inspire me :)

Like seriously I think you are the only reason that I keep trying to make my blog work!

I definitely agree with the daughter thing, too. My mom is a pretty stylish woman but she tends to hoard her clothes for herself. And when she picks things out for me, they often don't look that great =/ I'd love to go through her closet and borrow a couple of things.

I agree with the well-written comment thing. I think the real first step to becoming a successful blogger is to establish a genuine, helpful relationship with your commenters and vice-versa. Something that kind of bothers me about some of the "bigger" bloggers is they seem more keen on just generating traffic...and don't really reciprocate. Then their blog just becomes an advertising ground of some sort.

Your blog has definitely continued to be an inspiration to me, please don't ever stop!

Erica said...

Also, in response to your comment, if the rumored price hike is true, it's going to go up to around $4000.

Get this though.
In Paris, the government mandates when sales are, meaning twice a year, EVERYTHING is on sale. Which is how a lot of French women get their designer items so inexpensively, sometimes at 80% the original cost. I've been told that if you're ever in the area at that time, that's when you should buy the items!

Of course, traveling to France just to catch a sale would probably cost more than just saving up, hah!

We shall get one, one day :D

Eszter said...

love your idea of leaving a closet full of vintage clothes as inheritance to your daughter. I would definitely love to inherit something like that, especially if the clothes are in great condition.

Luc said...

I like your last tip - but I would say if you have a fashion blog keep it seperate from make up product blog etc. I like to read reveiws of products (especially if I'm considering buying them) but when I go onto a fashion blog most of us just skim through the posts and look at the outfits. But when I really like a blog I do read what is written as well!


hi linda entrevista saludos

Susu Paris Chic said...

Thank you Mina for your heartfelt comment! I really appreciated you sharing some of your personal experiences with me.

I like your tips on how to blog, especially the one "if you don't have good things to say, don't".

Your style is unique - that is what got me "addicted" to your site from the moment I saw it!

Damsels said...

i agree with most of your tips for new bloggers... i have thoguht these all at one time or another. . and oddly enough im guilty of most of them .

definitely keep the product reviews to a minimum

Alice in vintageland said...

I would love to be your daughter (and have your closet:)))))), but because that is both impossible and creepy I’m happy with being your friend. I love this article and contrary to your advice I love reading what a blogger has to say when I really love his blog and style (for example I would love The Cherry Blossom Girl even more is she would write more than 3 words per article). I’m very grateful you were so kind and mentioned my blog and I couldn’t be happier that you like my accessories. Kisses and summer is not the same without you here!:)

Krimly said...

I couldn't answer you before because I went on holiday! Thanks so much for your comments, they always make me so happy! :)

btw, I loved this post! I have read all the questions and answers, I liked a lot the tips you have given to us!

My Cherry Gum

aliza virani said...

This is fantastic advice! I completely agree and actually gave me an idea or two. Thanks and great blog girl!