Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's flop around!

Wearing: Miss me Top, Zara shorts, American Apparel hat, H&M shoes, no name bag, Honey Room sunglasses.

Quick Quick post cause I have a splitting headache that has been killing me since my philosophy class. Philosophy does that to you!

Though I have to say I loveeeeeeeeeeee this bag. From the colour, to the texture to the shape... its one of my favorite things to carry in the summer.

BTW, these pics are taken in the doggy park where I take Maxi every day. People definitely think I'm crazy for showing up like this.

Does anybody else realize how all over the place my thoughts are right now?

I have also realized that I have never done a Q& A post on this blog. So here it is the first time ever you can ask me anything ( and I really mean ANYTHING) you want. I'm pretty open so I don't get offended that easily but just in case you're afraid of ME, you can also drop me questions HERE in anonymous format. Whatever is convenient for you guys basically.


nookie said...

I'm so in love with AA hat, from the first time I saw it on Karla! It's kinda the perfect hat:)
love your entire outfit, the color of the bag is fantastic!
aww, philosphy gave my headaches too, back in highschool...I just hope no more in college.

Michelle Chic said...

love the bag and the shoes!

Philosophy always give me a headache too, they all seem to be the same to me... lol

Nika said...

I want that hat! Lovely outfit too.


Shamini said...

i really really like this series of photo: fresh, cool, and chic as well! those shoes are gorgeous!

Luc said...

Your taste in shoes is amazing. Love them!! (and also the ones in your last post)

Sjaar said...

styled great! I especially love your clutch bag.

katrina said...

beautiful photos & I like your style! :)

Rosie Unknown said...

I love your shoes! The brown a turquoise are perfect for summer.

jen said...

So lovely, Mina. And that is the greatest clutch that I've seen in a long time. The colour is so vibrant and the straw is perfect for summer-- classy but not too serious. Another great look!

P.S. What is the material on the AA hat? I've seen it everywhere and I'm sure it's more affordable than the $100+ styles I see at the hat store on Granville Island, but I don't think I'd be comfortable with a straw hat.

magdalena said...

well that's an AMAZING bag!!!
no questions for you just my admiration for showing up like that in the park without caring what other narrow-minded people have to say!!!!

Tanvi said...

The first picture is amazing ... It's a beautiful shot. Love the color of your bag too!!!

Erica said...

Ooooh, I have a couple of questions :D

How did you learn how to pair things together?
Also, how big is your closet? How often do you get rid of clothes? How often do you re-wear things? And how often do you go shopping?

Hehe. And what is the one item in your closet that you'll never give up no matter what?

Damsels said...

i dont have a wuestion for you .. but i think its so funny that you dress like that .. its very extravagant for the dog park .. i wudd love to see those people's faces.. haha .. but a stylish person dresses up for everything you know? plus i bet its a good multi task thing. walk your dog get in a shoot

Insomnia said...

That bag + the green clutch are my faves from your collection too ^^

AzaharaJS said...

I like the bag.


Oana R said...

Palaria si geanta sunt preferatele mele.Nu ma gandeam ca-mi va placea vreodata albastrul electric.
xo :D

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Sorry to hear about your headache, my dear. I adore that bag - the colour is so intense and majestic!

Eszter said...

love your top,I made a similar one for myself, just with a giant bow at the neck, it's just such a flattering silhouette on anyone. your bag is also gorgeous!
and since it's open season for q&a's I would like to ask how you organize your wardrobe so that you always know what goes with what, because I find this to be the most challenging, I have a system but it seems to fail me more often then not, so I am really curious to hear about yours.

ioana said...

lovely pics! i love the shoes <3

and here are some questions:D
How did you start your blog? And how do you promote it?

Who takes your pictures?

Do you use Photoshop or some other program(if yes, which one)?

What is your favourite item from your closet?

What pieces do you consider to be always in trends? ( i don't know if you understand this qustion :-ss )

How often do you go shopping? And what stores do you prefere?

What do you think about other fashion bloggers? Do they inspire you? And what do you think about romanian fashion bloggers?

Which celebrities do you consider fashion icons?

What fashion magazines do you read?

Can you give an advice (what to do/what not to do) to fashion bloggers that have recently created their blog and want to promote it/make it better?

Hope to see the post soon!
Have a lovely day!


Ducia Ciao said...

Wow, amazing shots. I love MISS ME brands... though I can never pull off a MAXI like you!!!

In addition, I have a contest going on, please visit if you can ; ) I'm excited for it because it's my first one.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag, the color and texure are fabulous.

You asked me about my video camera, nothing special just an old Panasonic 50x. XO Mish

Two Girls One Closet said...

love the hat ! id really love to own one. keep up the amazing work on your blog!

ps. check out, we're new and open to linking:)

Anonymous said...

Can't get over the texture on this bag, and the color is just spectacular! It would also be great with the black jump suit you have :-)

Southerners from the North said...

everytime i see your outfits, i just love your bags. they are so lovely and compliment your outfits so nicely. love this bag.

so my question is how many bags do you own? and which is you favourite? :) xx

rebecca said...

I adore your hat! It's perfect for Summer (:

gleenn said...

so lovely photos, girl. especially the first one, definitely wonderful. I love the purse and I adore the hat. :)

Anna Pope said...

My question: how so stylish? :D

Love the floppy hat. Been searching high and low for one here. Why, oh why, is there no AA around these parts?

Pinkie Anggia said...

Loving your hat, girl ;)
They're just so lovely photos X)
I'm following you now..

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia