Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bloggers Night Out!

I missed June and July for the Van city blogger meet-ups due to my travel plans but as promised, I joined the group back upon my return in August. 
And so last Tuesday, I headed over to Gastown for a little shoot with Alex and Cee and were soon joined by Louise and Cara. At Alex's brilliant suggestion, we did the Beatles walk which turned to be a genius idea if only I would have worn a more delicate pair of shoes.

 A Latin flavored dinner at Cobre was followed with too many pitchers of sangria along Melissa, Jen and Lynn who I finally had the pleasure of meeting that night.
I, of course missed my partner in crime Jen of Her Waise Choice who wasn't able to make it!

My blog has allowed me to meet many wonderful people all across the world and I am happy to say that finally I have met a group of girls at home that I enjoy hanging out so much with.

From left to right: Cara, Melissa, Alex, Cee, Jen, Myself, Louise
All pictures courtesy of Cee and Louise


Cee said...

It was so wonderful to see you again on Tuesday, Mina! Although I'm always envious of your travels (and love seeing all of your amazing photos), I'm glad you're home again :) And I just have to say again how much I love your turquoise quilted bag. It's just so perfect for summer!

Elisse said...

What a gorgeous group of bloggers! I love the pics - especially the homage to the Beatles!

Vale ♥ said...

Great pics and you all look so beautiful ! You have a lovely blog, follow each other ? xxx Kisses

Fashion and Cookies

Leonie said...

Great pictures! Like I already said on Alex' blog, it looks like you girls had an awesome time. It is great to have a group of friends you can share your blogger life with (and some sangria, of course)!

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Polka Princess said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun!!! All of you look fabulous!!! :)

Nancie Mwai said...

looks like it was a fun night!

Anaivilo said...

Oh these meetings are always fun! You all looked so great,I love the photos! :D I bet you had fun ;)

Cara said...

That was such a fun night, my favorite thing about blogging is most definitely the fact that it lead me to all of you fabulous ladies...I can't wait for our next meet-up!
xo Cara

Insomnia said...

Looking so nice all of you. We've been wanting to meet with local bloggers for a while too.

Alice in vintageland said...

You all look super cute!:) I'm happy for you - I know how much you wanted that! Kisses:)

colorsdiary said...

it s so great you have a group of close friends to hang out with. all of you ladies seem to have fun and enjoy your meetings :)

pepa said...

So lovely hon!!

Kisses from pepa:X

Sandra said...


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Alexandra said...

Hahahaha SERIOUSLY what's up with my face when I'm pouring the sangria? Such a freak. So good seeing you again my love :)

Alex xoxo


Kimberlee said...

Love it! We're having a blogger's night out in NYC next week :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls and great pictures! I'm sure you had a lot of fun :-)

xoxo - ron

Megha said...

lovely bloggers pic

Anonymous said...

great pictures!Lovely!!

Pari Coleini said...

you girls all look stunning :)
Gastown's one of my favourite location here in Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

the bag! i love the bag! where did you bought it from?

LeeLee said...

Great pictures. I adore the lovely turquoise bag too perfect.

Anonymous said...




Fash Boulevard said...

that first picture is so incredibly stunning. i love it. great post. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo


Affair with my Closet said...

Wonderful girls!!!
Always all get inspired me!!!
I really want to thank you for the last comments on my blog! Sorry I don't come before, my time is really short!
It's very special your participation, it means a lot.
Kisses ~.~ from Brazil!
Your brasilian's fan
Flavia Cruz

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

the Beatles walk thing was so darn adorable and Mina i love those shoes you wore! each of you wonderful girls put together looks that complimented one another a big bunch. i didn't get the full grasp of your pattern mix when we were there. it's awesome! and that bag is a gasp explosion of joy!

blogging does have so many benefits, i treasure the meet-ups with you girls and can't wait for more coming soon!

hope all's well, i have been MIA for a while with work and all but wanted to stop by and say hi. xoox ♥


Great pictures !

A Certain Vintage said...

you are all beautiful and beautifully dressed! looks like a fun time and your bag has me speechless, love it!

Aurélie-m0851 said...

Looks like so much fun, and the picture "made in Beatles" is perfect ^^

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Susu Paris Chic said...

Hey houw... how classy you look! The mint Chanel, just what you needed to leave an unforgettable touch... sweet aftertaste!

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kcomekarolina said...

so cool!!!

xoxo from rome

Fernanda Caldas said...

Beautiful girls! Fashion girls! Kisses from Brazil! Nanda / http://ararafashion.blogspot.com

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Anonymous said...

you look stunning!

Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

Nice pictures girls!

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Charlotte Beecham said...


i love your blog. your style and vibe are great.

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Sabrina said...

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Clara Turbay said...

Very stylish!


Anonymous said...

lovely girls!!

Megan said...

lovely pictures :)

adeb said...

Nice pics =)


AzaharaJStyle said...

helloooooo! where are you???????

Oh to Be a Muse said...

your skirt is gorgeous Mina! just wanted to say hello because it's been a while. <3

Anonymous said...

are u dead?

Enwelle said...

sweet pictures <3


hot girl said...

lovely picture

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Looks amazing. x hivenn

Stella said...

Nice pics.


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Anonymous said...

Where are you Mina?We miss you!! Hope you will see this comment and come back ...Please!!
We love you !!!

Devin Blase said...

Really cute! At least you got some good outfit photos before you had to part ways.

It's always a sad thing to, ahem, outgrow clothes you love. I had to part ways with some dresses that just didn't fit anymore.

amanda archambault said...

That looks like you all had a great time! And I love the outfits!
Great post! Thanks for sharing.

Stop by and check out my new post!
xoxo, A

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All are you looking dam beautiful. Amazing pics.

amenfashion17 said...

Ahh your photos are amazing!! Looks like you had a great time xx

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