Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romanian Shopping Goodies

 My adventures have come to an end for the time being, yet the story telling continues. Although it didn't exactly go as planned ( i.e. health emergencies/trip cancellations), I spent a wonderful summer in beautiful places and created lots of memories, some of which have come back in the form of shopping goodies picked up along the way. 

It first started with a trip at the newly opened Pixie Shoes showroom, where their wonderful PR girl, Nookie along with Alice helped me pick two wonderful shoes, a pair of ballet flats and the most wonderful patterned heels ever. These shoes are truly genius,  one the of the ultimate statement shoes!
And hell, I even threw in a custom made leather clutch in a bright colour, something that I have been coveting for so long yet could not find.

Shoe shopping didn't stop there, because a short trip to a local market brought me to these cute rubber Chanel-esque look alike ( which kinda bother me in a way). And since they were so extremely inexpensive * ( hello $5 shoes)*,  I got them in two colours and probably would have purchased even more if they had them in my size.

A short trip to the northern-eastern side of Romania, found me shopping local artisans for traditional folkloric peasant tops and scarves.
 Along the way I also picked up a straw bag, two hand painted leather masks from a local artist and an old painting which is just waiting to be hanged.

 I've always had a soft spot for Romanian designers especially when they combine traditional Romanian prints in their designs. So this Lana dress just had to come home with me!

And as you remember the visit to the Genuine.ro event, brought me face to face with the Rue des Trucs girls, where I had the opportunity to buy one of their beautifully constructed pieces !  
So what's in the package? 
You shall have to wait and see .
* Hint!*
Ivory and Drape!

I've always wanted to go to a Romanian vintage fair yet none seemed to be happening during the time when I was in Bucharest. So you can expect how pleasantly surprised I was when during one of my evening strolls throug the old city , I found myself right in the middle of one. These golden beauties from Italian Vintage have already graced my little ears!

And last but not least, my dear friends Alice and Nookie spoiled me with gifts. Alice, master headband craftswoman, created this cute piece for me which you probably remember from the last post.

 And Nookie dearest presented me with a beautiful sunflower necklace probably to symbolize our photo shoots in a sunflower field ( individually done in different locations yet at the same time). 

Later this week, the first outfit post with some of the goodies will be shown!


AzaharaJS said...

he! so wonderful all.


The Hearabouts said...

What beautiful things you've chosen, Mina. I adore everything. The Romanian blouse and scarf are really pretty!


Anonymous said...

drooling over those green shoes Mina! and the "chanel" ones, lol.


Living_in_aShoe said...

great purchases!

Victoria said...

Wow, love the high heel shoes. Do they ship to USA? The web site is in Romanian and I can't understand.

Anaivilo said...

Wow, you bought wonderful stuff! I love the Pixie Shoes, they are fabulous, and the head band is great! :D Alice makes such wonderful things :D

Anda Zelenca said...

I love Pixie Shoes! Sper sa ajung si eu in curand prin Bucuresti si sa-mi iau o pereche. :X

Cee said...

It looks like even though everything didn't go as planned, you brought home some real treasures from your trip. The patterned heels are amazing- I've never seen anything like them! And I'm absolutely in love with your vintage earrings, I can't wait to see you wearing them :)

alison*elle said...

I love everything! Hope you're feeling a lot better, Mina.

xo, alison*elle

classiq said...

The Pixie shoes are so lovely and the Lana dress simply gorgeous!

Sara said...

I love everything you got and I'm very excited to see you wear them all! I've just opened an Etsy store for me and Alice and listed the headband A made for you, really hope it will be a succes!:)

Rebecca Jane said...

Wow - so many beautiful finds! I love the pixie shoes and that gorgeous Lana dress!

Leonie said...

Nice buys! Especially like the first flats :-)

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Special K said...

So many beautiful stuff ♥

Meisha.Style said...

aww...so many pretty goodies! love those flats!

thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words! i have always been your follower!=)

Zazuza said...

what do I like most from all the things you've got? I cannot tell :)). but one thing is for certain: I always come back to Austria with lots of beautiful things from Romania :). ps; pixie shoes are AWESOME!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage said...

Love the bright colours of the dress! And that headband is super cute!

Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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Anonymous said...

The first shoes are so cute ;)

Alexandra said...

this probably means you'll come back to Romania,doesn't it ? I'm so glad there are people that still like my country:)

alexandra @

Aura said...

Everything looks absolutely great. The rubber shoes were a great find.


a dreamer. said...

well, i'm glad you're so lucky to have all those beauties and start wearing them asap!
it will look great!