Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bon Voyage

A good friend of mine is going to Nice in two months and asked me to help her shop for her vacation. Unfortunately we leave on opposite sides of the world,me in Canada, her in Germany.Since I can not personally shop with her i decided that today's post is all about your beach travel essentials.

Here are the things to bring with you on your next beach vacation:

1.a sexy swimsuit in a solid color ( prints are the first thing that outdate a swimsuit). Plss stay away from florals of any kind. A bikini in a solid color like black or white will give you the most wears, season after season. For a more stylish option, try a monokini with some sexy cut-outs.

2. A comfortable pair of gladiators for day & a pair of wedges for night.

3. A printed maxi dress ... perfect for both day and night.

4. A caftan... a stylish throw over your swimsuit.

5. A pair of glamorous sunglasses... try aviators for a more effortless chic.

6. City shorts... Nice is still a city so you don't want to look like a beach bum all day long. Try them in a light neutral such as beige or white.

7. A shirt dress... again when u wanna look more polished. Pair it with your wedges for a nice lunch on the town.

8.A straw beach bag...perfect for carrying your beach essentials.Tie a scarf around the handles for extra chicness.

9. A white feminine sundress.

Lets not forget to keep our makeup minimal. This is not the time to sport red lips and liquid liner... go for some tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15( gone are the days of baking our skin), some cream bronzer, waterproof mascara, and a dab of lipgloss.

All of today's pictures are from Victoria Secret. Check out its website for more beach style ideas!


Amazing Style said...

the white dress rules!

Minnie Mina said...

they had that one last year as well! i wanted to get it but my sister got something similar from them and it did not fit very well so i gave up on the idea.

Eda said...

You make me miss summer:). Great article! Your blog is so nice..I'm gonna add you to my blogroll. I hope you don't mind.

Minnie Mina said...

thx eda. i love your blog too. lets add each other to our blog roll.

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