Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cage me

I really want these cage shoes from Aldo. Again inspired by bitchy Olivia, I decided I want a pair. I can't decide if I should get them in black or brown. HELP!!!! What do you guys think?

I also want these cage wedges from Aldo which Rumi says are really comfy! What do you guys think?????

( fashion toast)

I used to hate the shoes from Aldo. What the heck is going on with me lately?


Eda said...

They are beautiful! I would chose the brown ones...I don't know why, but sometimes black seems to hide the details...but you must also think of the outfits you are gonna use them...Difficult choice:)

The Fabulous Girl said...

see eda i am really short and i have short stubby legs and i feel that i should always wear black tights otherwise i look like i have sausage legs. and i guess the black ones would provide a more seamless look with the black tights making my legs look not so stubby. unfortuntely i do believe the details of the shoe would get lost.

Lily Zemuner said...

Thanks for your coment! I'll add your blog.

I have a translator on the top of my page, try it, I think it will help you to understand me! =)

Nice shoes, I love it.


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

i love aldo shoes, but i hate their boots. their boots and my feet always fight. the shoes in this post are really chic. i could use both colors.

The Fabulous Girl said...

i actually find that aldo shoes are not very comfy. i don't think their quality is that great. i haven't tried these shoes on yet. i will let u know once i do how comfy they actually really are.

Opé - Style Artist said...

Pretty... I actually saw Olivia at the Ports 1961 show. Very pretty in person.

The Fabulous Girl said...

i heard a lot of people say she is pretty in person. i wonder how she looks under all that makeup. too bad her personality does not match the outside.