Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flower Child II

( tunic: Japan, tights:H&M, boots: Payless, headband: Claire's)

my dog always insists on being in the pictures. He is planning on becoming a doggy model!

So this is the other outfit that I promised I will post. Sorry for the lack of traffic on my part for the last two days. I have been busy making a business plan for a clothing company. We'll see how that goes. The tunic again courtesy of my sister, from Japan of course. This is also one of her cast-offs that she gave me last year. I don't think she ever wore this. I remember when she still loved it how much i wanted it and I kept asking her to lend it to me. Couple of months later IT WAS MINE!!!!!!!! ... and sorry for the sad face in the last picture. I was not sad! just wanted to take a close-up of the print and i guess I turned out sad :(


Eda said...

So sweet! And that dog should definitely be a model!:)

Elizabeth said...

i love the outfit so much, its gorgeous
and your dog is too cute! :-)

Opé - Style Artist said...

no problem!

Lily Zemuner said...

I love your dress, its so fresh, so nice!

But, the dog, it's soooo cute!


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I like this top too. It is so cute.

Nil said...

OMG I'm in love with your doggy! I used to have a dog like him called Gypsy, I adore these dogs. Nice outfit btw ;)

FashionAddict said...

That would be great, I will link back to you to.

Fashioncholic Girl said...

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