Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Duke Spirit

Here are the last set of pics of the McQueen collection. Saved the best for last. These are my favorite pieces from the whole collection. 13 Days left girls!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!! By the way make sure to check out the video with the music of Brit rock band, The Duke Spirit~Baby Doll created specifically for the MCQ collection for Target. Love the song!


AmazingStyleGuide said...

So it's working now. Of course, i have forgotten what i wanted to say in the afternoon. It was about the fourth dress, tha black one, which i adore
You have a lovely evening!

Minnie Mina said...

i know isn't that dress wonderful? love the draping of it. i think its gonna go fast that one. I hope that by the time i get there they will still have one in my size.

Amazing Style said...

i hope so...have you seen the shoes that i posted today?
it will be hard to resist the ankle-boots
i am thinking to buy them. they are extremely cheap, but i have a very large number of shoes in my closet. if i will buy those too, my boyfriend will have an objection for sure :)