Saturday, March 7, 2009

Idolizing Ms. Audrey

Ok i am a freak ... I spent all day playing on Polyvore. I am like a child in a candy store. I can't stop. Anyways I decided to dedicate a look to my long-time idol Ms. Audrey.

Ms. Audrey
Ms. Audrey - by Fab Girl on

I wanna be Ms. Audrey
I wanna be Ms. Audrey - by Fab Girl on

Ah!!!!!!! The Hermes Kelly!!!!! now that's a Bag!!!!!! I WANNA!!!!!!!!!!!


sophie said...

awesome dress, very chic!

Little Miss Dress Up said...

ohmy, it is my ultimate dream to own a kelly too :D


thefatandskinnyonfashion said...

I love Audrey,I know you probably saw my post on that, and Polyvore is addicting. They should have a rehab somewhere for that website, b/c it can get obsessive.

Eda said...

She is such an inspiring icon.Cute outfit! Take care with that Polyvore can get worse, trust me:)

Emz said...

I wanna look as gorgeous as Audrey Hepburn does! She's so timeless!

Fashion For Love said...

I love A. Hepburn with all my heart. I'm even rocking a similar haircut as a mini tribute.