Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Panic at the disco

Sorry no outfit post today. I will take one this afternoon when I come home. Its a beautiful day so I will go outside to take my photos.
Anyways I have been playing in Polyvore again and have been obsessed with sequins lately. I had this vintage sequined skirt that was 5 sizes too big for me and this weekend i felt like playing seamstress and making it my size. Too bad i forgot that in one of my cleaning states I donated the skirt.
So for now I can only stare at these sequined pieces from Polyvore.

A night at the disco
A night at the disco - by Fab Girl on

The Fabulous Girl


Aline Aimée said...

Wow! Those peaces would be fabulous for a party! Thanks again for the coment!
I love that blazer and I also love prints, so you are write!
Tomorrow I'll come to see your outside pictures.


Amazing Style said...

too shiny for me!

Fashion For Love said...

My friend Chricell wore that black sequined jumper to a ball we went to in Washington DC in the middle of January. I loved it on her

love said...

very shiny! i'd probably wear that little jacket. and i love when you do polyvore stuff!

Anonymous said...

love shiny! i would wear this anywhere! very stylish blog.

Laura. said...

lots of sequins like you said.

I.M.O.W and The City said...

that black blazer is too hot!..:)
nice collect..x

Robynne said...

Wow i did not even realize you were from vancouver haha! I live in port moody and am in my first year in the diploma program for Fashion Design at Vancouver Community College. I totally agree with you i don't want to make clothes for other people either! My dream is to go to F.I.T in NY or even Ryerson to study Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Communications and get a degree! I pretty much want to just get out of Vancouver, there is nothing big here :( And yes haha i am so addicted to thrift store shopping, lucky my mom is too!